Notice of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission on the issuance of Shanghai Food Safety Standards, Risk Monitoring and Evaluation, and Key Points of Food Nutrition in 2021
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District Health Commission, Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Municipal Health Commission Supervision Office, Municipal Health Promotion Center, and related municipal medical institutions:
   In order to do a good job in Shanghai food safety standards, risk monitoring and evaluation and food nutrition in 2021, our committee formulated the”2021 Shanghai Food Safety Standards, Risk Monitoring and Evaluation and Food Nutrition Work Points”. Now it is printed and distributed to you, please implement it carefully, and submit the half-year and annual work summary to our commission before June 30 and December 30, respectively.
   hereby notify.
  Shanghai Municipal Health Commission
   April 13, 2021
   2021 Shanghai Food Safety Standard,

  Risk monitoring and evaluation and key points of food nutrition work
   2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and is the first year of the implementation of the”14th Five-Year Plan” and the start of a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. In order to implement the overall deployment of the National Health Commission, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on food safety work, in accordance with the spirit of the National Food Safety Standards and Risk Monitoring and Evaluation Working Conference, the”2021 National Health Commission Food Safety Standards, Risk Monitoring, Risk Assessment and “Key Work Arrangements for Food and Nutrition”, “Key Work Arrangements for Food and Drug Safety in Shanghai in 2021”, the spirit of the city’s health work conference, and “Key Points of Health Work in Shanghai for 2021”. The safety standards, risk monitoring and evaluation, and food nutrition priorities are arranged as follows:
  1. Implement the requirements for co-defense with people, and do a good job in the normalization of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control
   1. Carry out cold chain food prevention and control. All districts and municipal centers for disease prevention and control are in accordance with the unified deployment of the Municipal Office of Prevention and Control to carry out surveillance of new coronaviruses in key places, key links, and key personnel related to imported cold chain food in accordance with the epidemic situation. In accordance with the National Food Safety Risk Monitoring Plan for 2021 and related regulations, organize and carry out cold-chain food new coronavirus nucleic acid testing, timely and standardly handle nucleic acid test positive incidents, cooperate with the evaluation and judgment of pollution levels, and continue to do a good job in health science popularization.
   2. Focus on the development of the service industry and enhance the ability to lead safety standards and regulations
   2. Regulate the formulation and revision of local standards. In accordance with the relevant work procedures such as the National Measures for the Administration of Food Safety Standards, the city’s food safety local standards management system will be revised, and the working mechanism of the Shanghai Food Safety Local Standards Review Committee will be improved, and coordinated with the Shanghai Food Safety Risk Assessment Expert Committee. Scientifically do a good job in formulating, revising and cleaning up Shanghai’s local food safety standards in 2021. As the secretariat of the Shanghai Municipal Food Safety Local Standards Review Committee, the Supervision Office of the Municipal Health Commission is responsible for the daily management of 11 standards under development, including technical guidance.
  3. Optimize enterprise standard filing. Revise the”Shanghai Food Safety Enterprise Standard Recording Administration Measures” and the supporting”Handling Guidelines” and”Business Manual”, all units standardize the development of food safety enterprise standard filing, actively promote the optimization of the filing process, and implement the”One Internet Service” for the food safety enterprise standard filing And further reduce the work requirements for filing time, and actively improve filing services.
   4. Do a good job of standard tracking evaluation. Establish an inter-departmental food safety standard tracking evaluation coordination mechanism in this city, and work with relevant departments to do a good job in food safety standard publicity and implementation training, guidance and answers, and follow-up evaluation to promote the correct implementation of food safety standards. The Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Supervision Office of the Municipal Health and Health Commission are responsible for carrying out the relevant work of the provincial coordination group for the follow-up and evaluation of national food safety standards. All units must complete the 2021 national food safety standards and local food safety standards follow-up and evaluation tasks on time.
  3. Focusing on serving the society and co-governance, enhancing the ability of risk monitoring, research, judgment, and early warning
   5. Do a good job in the organization and implementation of risk monitoring. Implement the relevant requirements of the National Food Safety Risk Monitoring Plan for 2021, and coordinate the implementation of monitoring work in this city. All districts shall, in accordance with the Shanghai Food Safety Risk Monitoring Work Arrangement in 2021, work with relevant departments to formulate and implement food safety risk monitoring plans in their respective jurisdictions. Sampling plans shall be formulated according to the characteristics of food production and consumption in the region, and centralized sampling shall be avoided. Incorporate the special tasks of”Shanghai Implementation Plan for the Promotion of Domestic Infant Formula Milk Powder” and”Shanghai Campus Food Safety Guard Action Implementation Plan (2020-2022)” into the monitoring plan of the jurisdiction to ensure that all tasks are scientific and reasonable and implemented Orderly.
   6. Strengthen the prevention and control of food-borne diseases. All units must implement the”Several Opinions of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on Improving the Major Epidemic Prevention and Control System and Improving the Public Health Emergency Management System” (hereinafter referred to as the”Several Opinions”) and strengthen the integration of medical and prevention. Guide disease prevention and control institutions and medical institutions to coordinate and coordinate the monitoring of diarrhea syndrome, food-borne diseases and risk factors. All districts should implement the requirements of the”Food-borne Disease Monitoring and Reporting Standards (Trial)”, improve the food-borne disease monitoring and reporting system in their jurisdictions, do a good job in the performance target management of basic public health services such as health supervision and coordination, and go deep into medical institutions to carry out publicity Implement training, guide medical institutions to establish internal management systems such as the first consultation responsibility system, and urge medical institutions to fulfill their public health obligations.
   All districts and municipal centers for disease prevention and control should focus on providing material guarantees and technical training for 46 foodborne disease monitoring sentinel hospitals to ensure the orderly development of active monitoring of foodborne diseases and special monitoring tasks, and good food sources Early warning of clustered cases in the surveillance system of sexual diseases, explore the use of ICD codes in residents’ health records to identify sporadic cases of food-borne diseases, carry out drug resistance monitoring and traceability sequencing of food-borne pathogens, and deal with food-borne disease events in a timely manner. Do a good job in the prevention and control of food-borne diseases.
  7. Improve the analysis and consultation system. Use information technology to consolidate the food safety risk early warning research and judgment system, and explore the integration of multi-sectoral food safety risk management coordination mechanisms into”one network.” All districts shall assume the main responsibility for the summary analysis and report of monitoring data in their jurisdictions, improve the district-level risk monitoring information sharing mechanism, regularly conduct multi-departmental risk monitoring results consultations, and report the results to our committee and the people’s governments of each district. Where each unit finds that the results of food safety risk monitoring indicate that there may be a potential food safety hazard, it shall promptly notify the market supervision department at the same level to cooperate in handling the food safety hazard.
   8. Strengthen monitoring quality management. The Food Safety Risk Monitoring Quality Control Center of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission shall formulate a corresponding work plan in accordance with the Shanghai Food Safety Risk Monitoring Work Arrangement in 2021, carry out a full-coverage supervision and assessment of the city’s monitoring technical institutions, provide written supervision opinions and review them in a timely manner. The Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention is responsible for ensuring the operation of the national reference laboratory for food safety risk monitoring. All units shall incorporate food safety risk monitoring into the quality management system, and carry out quality control through quality supervision, management review, quality control assessment, proficiency verification and other means to ensure the authenticity and reliability of risk monitoring data.
   9. Steadily carry out risk assessment. Organize the establishment of the Shanghai Food Safety Risk Assessment Expert Committee, study the establishment of the Shanghai Food Safety Risk Monitoring and Evaluation Center, and promote the food safety risk assessment work. All districts should carry out risk research and judgment based on the main food safety issues and risk points in their jurisdictions to lay a scientific foundation for risk management.
  4. Focusing on serving public health, enhancing food nutrition perception and sense of acquisition
  10. Do a good job in popularizing science. All units should do a good job in the annual food safety and nutrition and health publicity work in accordance with the time node, actively coordinate the relevant departments, combine their own actual conditions, innovate the form of publicity and implementation activities, and pass”National Nutrition Week”,”Student Nutrition Day” and”World Food Safety Day”.”Food Safety Publicity Week” and other themed activities to increase public participation and create a good atmosphere for social governance. Each district is responsible for carrying out daily nutrition and health policies and food safety related knowledge publicity, advocating public chopsticks and spoons, and 7 districts including Huangpu, Changning, Putuo, Minhang, Jinshan, Songjiang, Fengxian, etc. are responsible for organizing and completing the survey on the awareness of residents’ nutrition and health knowledge and evaluating this book Awareness of nutrition knowledge of city residents
  11. Strengthen emergency response to accidents. All districts and municipal centers for disease prevention and control shall, in accordance with the requirements of the”Several Opinions”, strengthen the epidemiological investigation and hygienic handling capacity of food safety accidents, build a professional emergency response team for food safety, strengthen departmental coordination, and report incidents (accidents) in a timely manner. ) Information and investigation progress, strengthen the integration of medicine and prevention, and guide medical institutions and disease control institutions to jointly conduct epidemiological investigations. Carry out accident emergency drills to find problems and deficiencies. Do a good job in safeguarding food safety for major events such as the Fourth China International Import Expo.
  12. Improve the nutrition work system. Coordinate and advance the”Shanghai National Nutrition Plan (2019-2030) Implementation Plan” and Healthy Shanghai Reasonable Diet Action, improve the working mechanism of the Shanghai National Nutrition and Health Steering Committee and Healthy Shanghai Reasonable Diet Action Group, play a coordinating role, and supervise the division of labor Implement the annual key tasks of national nutrition with all districts. Guide medical institutions, well-known enterprises, colleges and universities, and industry associations to actively participate in the construction of the”Shanghai Nutrition and Health Innovation Platform”, explore the establishment of a transformation system for production, education, and research results, and coordinate the promotion of the city’s national nutrition work. Encourage scientific research institutions in this city to actively apply for national key laboratories for risk assessment and standard development and provincial and ministerial-level nutrition special key laboratories.
   13. Implement key nutrition tasks. According to the”Guidelines for Nutritional Labeling of Catering Food”,”Guidelines for the Construction of Nutritional and Healthy Canteens” and”Guidelines for the Construction of Nutritional and Healthy Canteens”, all units must conscientiously summarize the experience of 55 medical institutions and 3 establishments of nutritional and healthy canteens for catering services for the elderly, and continue to grasp We will do a good job in the construction of pilot demonstration projects such as”nutrition and health canteen”,”nutrition and health restaurant”, and”nutrition support community” to implement the goals of reducing salt, oil and sugar. Carry out nutritional diet actions for primary and secondary school students, organize the release and interpretation of the”Guidelines for Nutritional Lunch for Primary and Secondary School Students in Shanghai”, and promote the construction of a model school for nutrition and health. The district and municipal CDCs organized the monitoring and follow-up of Shanghai residents’ diet and health status, continued to cooperate with the implementation of the Shanghai breakfast project, and promoted the establishment of local standards for the”Nutrition and Healthy Canteen Construction Specification”.
   5. Strengthen organizational leadership and strengthen technical support capabilities for food nutrition
  14. Strengthen team building. All units should strive for policy support and funding guarantees, strengthen the introduction and training of talents, and actively select personnel to participate in the city’s first batch of interdisciplinary special training for food safety talents. All units should actively explore and carry out training work to improve nutrition guidance ability, improve the nutrition professional team of the system, and train and establish a team of nutritionists and nutrition instructors. Further accelerate the building of informatization capacity, promote the improvement of food safety data docking and application service efficiency, and further enhance the level of monitoring information analysis and application.
   15. Promote supervision and assessment. All units must conscientiously implement the”Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work” and the implementation plan of the National Health Commission, the implementation plan of Shanghai Municipality and the requirements of this notice, and implement the responsibilities of the Party and government. Local food safety work evaluation index system, study and refine the key work arrangements for 2021, and clarify the timetable and roadmap. Our committee will conduct supervision and assessment on the implementation of work in various districts in due course.