Notice of Beijing Municipal Commission of Health on Printing and Distributing the Work Plan of Beijing’s National Healthy Lifestyle Action (2021-2025)
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District Health Commission, Economic and Technological Development Zone Social Service Bureau, Municipal Center for Disease Control:
   According to the five departments including the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the”Notice on Printing and Distributing the Action Plan for Healthy Lifestyles for All People (2017-2025)” (National Health Office CDC Fa [2017] No. 16) document spirit, in order to further promote national health Lifestyle actions, raise the health awareness of the whole people, and popularize healthy living skills. Based on the work experience from 2017 to 2020, combined with the”Healthy Beijing 2030 Planning Outline” and”Healthy Beijing Action (2020-2030)”, the city’s health and health The committee formulated the”Beijing National Healthy Lifestyle Action Work Plan (2021-2025)”, which is now issued to you, and the relevant work requirements are notified as follows:
  1. All districts should further consolidate and improve the working mechanism of government-led, departmental collaboration, social mobilization, and public participation, focus on overall coordination, integrate all forces, strengthen organizational guarantees and financial support for the implementation of activities, and ensure a healthy lifestyle for all The action achieved tangible results.
   2. All districts should closely integrate the construction of healthy cities and chronic disease comprehensive prevention and control demonstration areas, formulate implementation plans and work plans tailored to local conditions, and do a good job in scientific guidance, organization and implementation, and information reporting.
   3. The Beijing National Healthy Lifestyle Action Office shall formulate an annual work plan according to the work plan, conduct personnel training and on-site assessment in accordance with the newly revised health supportive environmental construction standards, and supervise and inspect the development of actions in various districts , Technical guidance and effect evaluation.
  Beijing Municipal Health Commission
  March 25, 2021
  Beijing National Healthy Lifestyle Action Work Plan (2021-2025)
   In accordance with the requirements of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and other five departments in the”Notice on Printing and Distributing the National Healthy Lifestyle Action Plan (2017-2025)” (National Health Office CDC Fa [2017] No. 16), in order to further promote the entire population of Beijing The healthy lifestyle action work was carried out in depth, and this plan was formulated.
  一. Action goal
   Carry out special actions such as”three reductions and three health” (salt reduction, oil reduction, sugar reduction, healthy oral cavity, healthy weight, healthy bones) and other special actions, actively promote the construction of a healthy and supportive environment, and vigorously train healthy lifestyle instructors, Form a good atmosphere for the whole society to act together to promote and practice a healthy lifestyle, and achieve the following goals by 2025:
   (1) There are no less than 1,500 healthy restaurants (healthy canteens) of various types.
   (2) The number of active healthy lifestyle instructors reaches 60%.
   (3) Per capita daily salt, edible oil intake, smoking rate and harmful drinking rate of the population continue to decrease, and the rising trend of obesity rate is curbed.
  (4) The population health examination rate, blood lipid testing rate, hypertension and diabetes awareness rate continue to increase.
   (5) The health literacy level of Beijing residents reached 42%.
  二. Implementation time
   March 2021-December 2025.
  3. Work content
   (1) Expanding the connotation of the”three reductions and three health” special actions
  1. For children and adolescents, professional groups, catering practitioners, family chefs, senior citizens and other key groups and key places, extensively carry out core information publicity and theme education activities to increase the public’s awareness of the diet and health of less salt, oil and sugar Relational awareness helps the masses master oral health knowledge and health care skills, advocates scientific exercise, maintains energy balance, and maintains a healthy weight life philosophy, and enhances the masses’ awareness of osteoporosis and self-management capabilities.
  2. Carry out salt and oil and sugar reduction actions in the catering industry, and guide catering companies and collective canteens to actively take measures to control salt, oil, and sugar through personnel training, healthy dishes collection and selection, cooking competitions and other activities. Cooperate with the catering industry to develop and promote low-salt and less canola products and set meals.
  3. Implement the”Beijing Healthy Oral Action Plan (2019-2025)” and carry out monitoring of the oral health status of key populations. Further move the barriers forward and carry out comprehensive interventions in oral health care for children aged 0-3. Continuously improve the oral health service mechanism, and continue to do a good job in Beijing children’s oral public health service projects.
  4. Promote reasonable diet actions, strengthen interventions for overweight and obesity in children and adolescents, encourage agencies, enterprises and institutions to actively carry out work exercises, fitness and other activities, hold”ten thousand steps with appointments” professional walking incentive competition, organize sports Prescription training.
  5. Guide the masses to actively participate in mass sports activities such as aerobics, walking, Tai Chi, and cycling, strengthen the monitoring and investigation of residents’ musculoskeletal diseases, and carry out the construction of the osteoporosis health management base and the training of osteoporosis knowledge and skills.
   (2) Strengthen the construction of a healthy and supportive environment
  1. The coverage of healthy communities will increase by 5%or more than 40%annually on the existing basis, and increase by at least 2 each year. Incorporate”Guidelines for the Construction of Nutritional and Healthy Canteens” and”Guidelines for the Construction of Nutritional and Healthy Canteens” into the management requirements of healthy canteens and healthy restaurants to enrich and enhance the connotation of healthy canteens and healthy restaurants. At least 2 new establishments of each type of health canteen, health restaurant, health supermarket, and health unit will be established each year, and no less than 4 health canteens of primary and secondary schools will be established each year. See Annex 1 for the management requirements of various health institutions.
  2. Continue to promote the construction of supporting environments such as”healthy schools”,”healthy gas stations/huts”,”healthy trails”,”healthy theme parks”,”healthy neighborhoods”,”healthy clubs”, and”healthy families” The work has been increasing year by year, and the requirements for various environmental constructions are shown in Annex 1.
  3. Each district builds no less than 14 healthy supportive environments every year, and strengthens the inspection and guidance of the healthy supportive environments in the region, which will be carried out at least once a year.
   (3) Strengthen the construction of healthy lifestyle instructors
  1. Further expand the scope of recruitment of healthy lifestyle instructors, actively recruit nutrition instructors, social sports instructors, etc. to join the team of healthy lifestyle instructors, and there should be a certain number of healthy lifestyle instructors in various health institutions. Each district recruits no less than 100 new instructors each year, and conducts assessment and certification.
  2. Strengthen the capacity building of instructors, carry out regular training, assessment and dynamic management evaluation for the team of healthy lifestyle instructors (Annex 2), hold or organize to participate in”three reductions and three health” related training at least once a year, with a lot of staff At 200 people. Through the organization and development of speech contests, knowledge contests, work exchanges and other methods, we continuously improve the health guidance ability of instructors, and select outstanding instructors from them.
  3. Continue to carry out the”Five Entries” activities for healthy lifestyle instructors (entering the family, entering the community, entering the unit, entering the school, entering the hospital) to provide residents with individualized health lifestyle knowledge publicity and skills guidance services.
  (4) Strengthen the promotion of core information about healthy lifestyle
  1. Vigorously promote the core information of a healthy lifestyle, centering on a health promotion theme every year, adopting a combination of daily publicity and centralized publicity, thematic publicity and science promotion and education, and the promotion of traditional media and new media to spread a healthy life The core information of the method, to create a national healthy lifestyle action brand, and to create a public opinion environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Every year, for different groups of people in different places such as living communities, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, schools, etc., combined with various health themed days such as National Healthy Lifestyle Day, National Nutrition Week, World No Tobacco Day, etc., at least 4 times Large-scale publicity activities with themes such as reasonable diet, moderate exercise, tobacco control and alcohol restriction, and mental health. The cumulative number of participants in each activity is not less than 300.
  3. Actively develop appropriate technologies for health promotion, continue to promote supportive tools such as”small three pieces” of health (limited salt spoons, limited oil pots and healthy waist gauges), and continuously improve residents’ self-health management skills.
  Four. Supervision and evaluation
   The Municipal Health Commission will organize the Beijing National Healthy Lifestyle Action Office to conduct municipal on-site supervision from time to time, evaluate the effect of the National Healthy Lifestyle Action in a timely manner, evaluate the development of actions in various districts, summarize typical cases, and promote successful experiences .
  Annex:1. Beijing National Healthy Lifestyle Action Health Supportive Environmental Management Requirements
  2. Beijing healthy lifestyle instructor management plan
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