Ningbo:The Youth League Mochi has been arranged! Ching Ming food sampling report stamped me
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   Ching Ming Festival,The most popular food is the Youth League.

   Shanghai and Ningbo are called Qingtuan, Suzhou and Hangzhou are called Qingtuanzi, Nanjing is called Chuntuan or Qingming Tuan, Wenzhou is called Qingming bing, Shaoxing is called Qingming Kueh, and the Guangdong Youth League, which has always been famous for eating, has a more elegant name-Ai 糍.

  In the face of a wide variety of seasonal foods on the market, can consumers rest assured?

  Don’t worry!

  Ningbo Market Supervision Bureauspecially organized a special sampling inspection of Qingming food, The key varieties are Qingtuan, Mochi, etc., and the key items are food additives and microorganisms. The sampling units cover food production enterprises, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, small grocery stores, and catering units.

   A total of 130 batches of Qingming food were selected for this special sampling inspection, 128 batches were qualified, and 2 batches were unqualified. The pass rate was 98.5%. Among them, a total of 20 subjects and 20 batches were sampled in the production process, and 1 batch was unqualified; a total of 51 subjects and 51 batches were sampled in the circulation process, and 1 batch was unqualified; a total of 59 subjects and 59 batches were sampled in the catering process. 0 batches of unqualified. The unqualified items are mainly mold and dehydroacetic acid.
Ningbo:The Youth League Mochi has been arranged! Ching Ming food sampling report stamped meimage
  Description of unqualified items:

  Dehydroacetic acid is a broad-spectrum food preservative with low toxicity. It is safe and reliable to use according to the scope and usage amount specified by the standard. However, excessive use in production, use of compound additives containing the additive, unmetered or inaccurate measurement will cause the additive to exceed the standard.

   mold is a common fungus in nature, which can spoil food, destroy the color, aroma and taste of food, and reduce the edible value of food. Moisture content in food and environmental temperature and humidity are the main conditions that affect mold reproduction and toxin production. Food contaminated by mold and mycotoxins can cause food deterioration and food poisoning. The main reason for excess mold may be that raw materials or packaging materials are contaminated by mold, the sanitary conditions of the product are not well controlled during the production and processing process, the cleaning and disinfection of production tools and other equipment and facilities are not in place, or the product storage and transportation conditions are improper.

   For the unqualified food found in this random inspection, the market supervision department has sealed off the shelves, and will investigate and deal with the relevant food production and business units in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations .

  The market supervision department also reminds consumers:

   Qingtuan and Mochi have a short shelf life. When eating, they should be hot and appropriate. Avoid eating high-fat foods at the same time. Edible hawthorn and other foods that help appetite promote digestion. The elderly and children, patients with diabetes, pancreatitis, gastritis, cholecystitis, and gallstones should avoid eating it.