New progress has been made in the research on fine irrigation of high-yield forage land in Qinghai Province and the introduction and breeding of leguminous grass seeds
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  Recently, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized experts to discuss the”High-yield Forage Land Refined Irrigation and Leguminous Grass Seed” jointly launched by Qinghai Provincial Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Research Co., Ltd., Qinghai Provincial Academy of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, and Australian Agriculture and Horticultural Association. The project of”Research on Introduction of Breeding Technology” was checked and accepted.
   The project introduced a number of new alfalfa varieties and new water-saving irrigation technologies. Through comparative experiments with local varieties, seven pastures suitable for Qaidam climate, salt and alkali tolerance, and high protein content were selected, including Golden Queen and Alfalfa 3010. Variety. Among them, alfalfa 3010 has a crude protein content of 17.3%, which can effectively solve the problem of large-scale cattle and sheep breeding forage after large-scale demonstration planting. The project has established more than 1,000 acres of precision irrigation demonstration area for forage grassland in Dagele Township, Golmud, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, using pumped wells + drip irrigation/border irrigation + water and fertilizer integration + intelligent control irrigation technology and a new model of medlar + alfalfa intercropping cultivation. It saves 100 cubic meters of water per mu, the output of alfalfa hay reaches the optimal value, and the economic benefits are significant.