New changes have been made in Zhejiang’s marine fishing moratorium this year
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  According to the spirit of the announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhejiang Province’s 2021 marine fishing moratorium regulations have been slightly adjusted on the basis of the continuation of the Zhejiang Province Fuxi regulations since 2018, as follows:
   First, in accordance with the spirit of the Ministry’s notice, the name of the fishing ban has been adjusted accordingly, including “fixed operations” changed to “small fishing boats”, “gillnets, purse seines, and ship-laying nets (“Laying nets)” is changed to”Gill nets and light-enclosing (laying) nets”.
  Secondly, in accordance with the spirit of the Ministry’s notice, a new moratorium on fishing tackle and fishing vessels has been added. Specifically:”Fishing tackle and fishing vessels must strictly implement the reporting system for the entry and exit of fishing vessels, and it is strictly forbidden to fish in violation of the fishing license on the type of operation, location, time limit and number of fishing gear. The catch should be landed at the designated landing fishing port announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. And establish a supervision and inspection mechanism for landing fisheries.”
   Third, in accordance with the spirit of the Ministry’s notice, new regulations regarding the closure of fishing at the home port have been added. Specifically:”The fishing boat should return to its home port in principle to stop fishing. If it is indeed unable to return to the home port to close fishing due to special circumstances, it must be negotiated with the fishing site and the county-level fishery authority where the port is located, and reviewed by the fishery authority of the city divided into districts. Report to the provincial fishery authority for confirmation. Fishing boats from other provinces who come to Zhejiang Province to suspend fishing or Zhejiang fishing boats go to other places to suspend fishing must be closed after consultation with the fishing site and the provincial fishery authority where the home port is located.”
  Fourth, the expression of closed fishing periods for specific species and specific areas has been optimized to make the logic clearer and more accurate.