Neijiang City Market Supervision Bureau and other three departments jointly carry out the special inspection of school food safety in the spring of 2021″double random, one open”
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  In order to effectively do a good job in food safety in school (kindergarten) campus and surrounding areas, ensure school food safety and the health of teachers and students, in accordance with the”Regulations on Jointly Carrying Out School Food Safety Inspections in the Spring of 2021″ by the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and other three departments The Circular requires that recently, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau, and the Municipal Health and Health Commission jointly launched a special inspection of school food safety in the spring of 2021,”double random, one open”.
   In order to complete the special work on time and with quality, the inspection was organized by law enforcement officers from three departments to form two inspection teams, focusing on on-site inspections of 20 school canteens, 40 campuses and surrounding food business stores randomly selected. The inspection team focused on the school canteen’s inspection of the school’s food safety principal (kindergarten principal) responsibility system and the implementation of the school’s food safety system; the allocation, training, and assessment of food safety management personnel in the school’s canteen, and the health management of catering service employees; cold chain The control situation of important links such as the inspection of food raw and auxiliary materials, storage management, food processing and production, cleaning and disinfection of tableware, food additive management, and food sample retention. For food business stores around the campus, we focused on checking whether there are unlicensed operations, out-of-scope operations, and unlicensed operations; whether there are lax inspections of food ingredients and incomplete purchase vouchers; whether there are overdue operations, mildew, and three nos Products and other violations of laws and regulations; whether there are low-priced snacks such as high-salt, high-sugar, and high-fat. During the inspection process, the inspectors were concerned about the”Food Safety Law”,”Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations”,”Catering Service Food Safety Operation Regulations”,”Sichuan Province Primary and Secondary School Food Safety Management Measures”,”School Food Safety and Nutrition and Health Management Regulations” and other laws The laws and regulations have been publicized and implemented to ensure that relevant personnel are aware of, understand and implement the food safety requirements.
   During the joint inspection, it was found that some schools had food safety systems that were not in place, sample retention was not standardized, and food ingredients were not publicized; some food businesses had lax inspections of food ingredients, incomplete purchase vouchers, and poor operating hygiene. difference. In response to the problems found in the inspection, the inspection team has ordered immediate rectification, and if the rectification is not in place, it will interview the relevant food safety person in charge. In the next step, the city’s market supervision departments at all levels will continue to maintain high-intensity supervision and inspection of schools (kindergartens) and surrounding food business units, strictly investigate and deal with food safety violations, strive to ensure the food safety of teachers and students, and build a line of defense for food safety on campus.