National Quality Bee Products Alliance Helps Hold Wuyuan Rape Flower Economic Development Seminar
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   On March 19, the National High-quality Bee Products Technology Innovation Alliance and the Oil Crop Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly held the second Wuyuan Rape Flower Economy in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province Development seminar, the meeting conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the coordinated development of Wuyuan rape industry and bee industry. Leaders such as Liu Zhenhu, secretary general of the National High-quality Bee Products Technology Innovation Alliance, Ge Jian, deputy secretary of Wuyuan County Party Committee, Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Oil Plant, and Zhang Yinding, deputy director of the Achievement Transformation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, attended the meeting.

   Conference invited experts from the aspects of breeding new rape varieties, bee pollination of rape, analysis of functional components of rape honey and pollen, evaluation of nutritional quality of oilseeds and bee products, etc. A special report. Experts participating in the meeting accelerated the formation of innovation alliances for the economic development and transformation and upgrading of Wuyuan rapeseed flowers, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions from the perspective of joint and coordinated development of bee and vegetable. The meeting pointed out that Jiangxi’s bee industry has a long history of development, a strong foundation, and a good bee vegetable economic development space. It needs to be collaboratively innovated through alliances to continue to improve the quality of development and take the road of high-quality development of rape, bee and cultural tourism integration. .

  The meeting asked apiculture experts to conduct special training on apiculture practical technology for Wuyuan bee enterprises and beekeepers. Participants conducted on-site observation and tasting of Wuyuan bee products , Alliance experts conducted inspections and guidance on bee breeding in the mountains of Wuyuan. More than 100 people including experts from the Institute of Bees and Oil Plants, the heads of the Chinese Apiculture Society, the editorial department of”China Apiculture”, representatives of some bee companies, representatives of apiculture institutions in Jiangxi Province and beekeepers in Wuyuan County attended the meeting.