“National Brewing Wine Appraisal Committee 2021 Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Training” successfully concluded
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   From April 9th ​​to 11th, the”2021 National Brewing Wine Appraisal Committee and Professional Improvement Training” was held in Luzhou. Fang Jiaxi, chairman of the Brewing Wine Branch of the China Wine Industry Association, attended the meeting.
   Brewing Cooking Wine Branch has been committed to industry services since its establishment, and has successively completed the formulation of the”Grain Brewing Cooking Wine Group Standard” and certification trademark application. In 2020, through strict examination and selection, the branch will establish a national brewing wine appraisal committee team. As national technical experts in the brewing wine industry, the committee members participate in the technical improvement of the industry’s production, quality management, and other work. This batch of professional qualities Outstanding talents in brewing cooking wine play a pivotal role in promoting technological progress in the industry.
  At the meeting, Dong Lina, secretary general of the Brewing and Cooking Wine Branch of the China Wine Industry Association, first summarized the work, and explained that the committee members will focus on the QB/T2745-2005″Cooking Yellow Wine” sensory index requirements comment description work. The committee members had full exchanges on the situation of the company and the development of the industry.
  The meeting invited Professor Min Erhu, a culinary master from Jiangsu Province, with the theme of”The influence of brewing cooking wine on the cooking of dishes”. From an application point of view, comparing the effects of brewing cooking wine and compounding cooking wine on the color, aroma, taste and texture of dishes difference. Professor Hu Puxin and Professor Wu Ming respectively explained the brewing process and sensory evaluation.
   After the event, the committee members collectively visited the Luzhou Pits National Treasure Pits, and experienced the profoundness of the liquor culture. The committee members expressed that Luzhou’s trip to Luzhou was full of rewards, which not only strengthened the professional and technical knowledge of brewing cooking wine, and improved technical capabilities, but also through the in-depth communication between the committee members, they have a great impact on the development of the brewing wine industry and the prospects of the company’s brewing cooking wine production. Full of confidence.