Nanocomposite packaging inhibits postharvest senescence of Flammulina velutipes by regulating eATP signaling molecules
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   Food Chemistry, a top journal in the food field, published online a research paper titled”Nanocomposite packaging regulates extracellular ATP and programed cell death in edible mushroom (Flammulina velutipes)” by Professor Yang Wenjian’s research group from the School of Food Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. This research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31871853), the Jiangsu Outstanding Youth Fund (BK20180092) and the major project of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (18KJA550002).
   Flammulina velutipes is one of the five largest edible fungi produced in my country, but its fruit bodies have high water content, post-harvest respiration and metabolism, and are very prone to include stem elongation, fruit body wilting, browning, umbrella opening, Many quality deterioration issues such as lignification have caused great economic losses and severely restricted the development of the industry. Therefore, the research on the fresh-keeping methods and regulation mechanism of Flammulina velutipes after harvest is particularly important.
  Professor Yang Wenjian’s team’s preliminary research found that nano-composite packaging materials can effectively inhibit the postharvest aging of Flammulina velutipes by regulating the postharvest respiration and energy metabolism of Flammulina velutipes. Recently, the team further proved that nanocomposite packaging can delay the decline of Apyrase activity, stimulate the expression of oxidative phosphorylation-related genes, and inhibit the increase in eATP content of key signaling molecules related to delaying aging, thereby slowing down the process of programmed cell death (PCD). In the end, the quality of Flammulina velutipes after harvest is better maintained. The research results have further improved the fresh-keeping mechanism of nano-composite packaging, and also provided ideas for solving the quality deterioration of Flammulina velutipes after harvest.
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