Namibia’s Ministry of Agriculture relaxes livestock transportation ban
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   The Naren Newspaper reported that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Namibia recently relaxed the livestock transportation ban, allowing foot-and-mouth disease-free areas to transport livestock from pastures to slaughterhouses within 72 hours under the supervision of veterinarians. At the same time, the affected areas have been vaccinated. The livestock will also be allowed to be transported to the slaughterhouse for slaughter. An official from the Ministry of Agriculture stated that cattle are still being vaccinated against foot-and-mouth disease in northern Namibia, and he urged all livestock farmers to cooperate with the vaccination. Since foot-and-mouth disease was first detected in Kavangodong Province on September 28 last year, the disease has spread to Kavangosi, Ohangwena, Oshikoto and Oshana Provinces.