Mom and Dad, look over here! There are new measures for the supervision of the infant milk powder industry in Jiangxi Province!
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   Are moms and dads qualified”milk powder officials”? The selection of qualified and high-quality infant milk powder is related to the healthy growth of the baby. Regarding the supervision of the infant formula milk powder industry, Jiangxi Province has another new measure!

A few days ago, the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau formulated four measures to promote the implementation of the “quality improvement, quality improvement, and quality improvement” of provincial infant formula milk powder by adopting methods such as strengthening technical guidance, strict system inspection, conducting unannounced inspections, and continuous risk monitoring. The”Industrial Upgrade and Brand Cultivation” action plan will help the province’s high-quality development of infant formula milk powder industry.

   Strengthen technical guidance
  Organize technical institutions to track and help infant formula milk powder manufacturers, focus on strengthening guidance on production environment, production quality management system operation, raw material inspection and inspection and testing capabilities, standardize enterprise quality management, and improve inspection capabilities and levels ; Guide and urge enterprises to strictly control the quality and safety of the whole process, and implement batch-to-batch inspection and testing. Encourage companies to set their own product quality and safety risk indicators and optimize inspection and testing indicators.

  strict system inspection
   The 2021 system inspection of 4 infant formula milk powder manufacturers in the province will be carried out to check whether the production inspection conditions of the companies meet the requirements of food safety laws and regulations, good manufacturing practices, and general rules and inspection rules for production licensing, and production quality Whether the management system complies with regulations and operates effectively.

   Carry out flight inspections
   Organize provincial and municipal supervisory personnel and related technical experts to cross-implement surprise on-site inspections of 4 infant formula milk powder manufacturers without notice, greeting, listening to reports, going straight to the grassroots, and going straight to the scene. Focus on inspection of the company’s procurement and use of raw and auxiliary materials, compliance with the production process, consistency of the formula and production process with the registration certificate, inspection and testing.

  Continuous risk monitoring
  Implement monitoring of non-standard inspection items and risk monitoring items, and urge local regulatory authorities to sample monthly and carry out special risk monitoring every month. According to the monitoring situation, enterprises are urged to conduct self-inspection and self-correction, find hidden dangers and weaknesses in food safety, continuously improve the management level, strictly purchase and use raw and auxiliary materials, strengthen inspection and inspection work, and reduce risks to the lowest level.