Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs deploys coastal fishery safety production work
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   News from this website Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a video conference on the promotion of safe production in coastal fisheries to report on the safety accidents of larger fishing boats that have occurred this year, analyze the current situation and problems of safe production in fisheries, and further deploy the tasks of safe production in fisheries .
  The meeting pointed out that since the beginning of the year, fishery safety production accidents have frequently occurred and recurred, and the situation is grim. At present, it is the peak season for fishery production and severe weather is intensive, which is a period of frequent occurrence of dangerous accidents. It is imperative to do a good job of safe fishery production. All localities must tighten their nerves, pay close attention to the implementation of responsible measures, and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents.
   The meeting requested that the fishery and fishery administration departments in various regions should further strengthen the management of fishery safety production, strictly implement the territorial responsibilities and the main responsibility of the shipowner and captain, and do a solid job of”three closely watched and three strengthened.” The first is to keep a close eye on marine weather and fishing floods, and to issue early warning and forecast information in a timely manner; the second is to keep an eye on accident-prone sea areas and areas where commercial fishing vessels converge, and strengthen inspections and law enforcement; third, to keep a close eye on off-site production and fishing vessels docked in other places to prevent fishing vessels. The fourth is to further strengthen maritime safety law enforcement inspections, and promptly order problematic fishing boats to return to the port for rectification; fifth, to further strengthen the registration port management measures, to conduct inspections from port to port and from ship to person to pass on responsibilities and pressure layers; Further strengthen emergency duty, strictly implement dangerous accident reporting regulations and procedures, and strictly prohibit late reporting or omission of accident information.