Mianzhu City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau investigated and dealt with a case of over-production of cold chain food
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During the spring thunder operation, the Mianzhu City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau conducted an on-site inspection of a food production enterprise in its jurisdiction and found that it was producing quick-frozen prepared foods of dried pork and beef (spicy flavor). This behavior should be recognized as a food behavior that produces food category:quick-frozen food, category number:1102, category name:quick-frozen prepared food, variety details:raw products (dish products). However, after investigation, the company’s food production license does not have this license category. Law enforcement officers seized 17 boxes of quick-frozen food with specifications and models of 10kg/box of minced beef (spicy) produced on the spot in accordance with the law.
  According to regulations and requirements, different types of food have different requirements for raw and auxiliary materials, production processes, product standards, product inspections, etc. Therefore, food companies produce food beyond the scope, which is extremely easy to produce food safety hazards. Although the food production license implements one company, one license, it does not mean that all food categories can be produced. In the course of the investigation, law enforcement officers investigated the company and its many employees, and actively guided legal production. At the same time, they extracted the production records of the parties and the interrogation transcripts and other corroborating evidence, and finally determined its illegal behavior.
   After comprehensive consideration, in accordance with Article 49 Paragraph 1 of the Measures for the Administration of Food Production Licensing and Article 122 Paragraph 1 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, it is proposed to conduct the following actions on the parties concerned Administrative penalty:Seventeen boxes (10kg/box) of quick-frozen prepared foods of diced beef (spicy flavor) were confiscated, and a fine of 20,000 yuan (uppercase:20,000 yuan) was imposed. At the same time, law enforcement officials actively assisted the parties to increase the types of production licenses. At present, the company has actively cooperated with rectification and obtained the production license for quick-frozen food, effectively eliminating food production safety risks.
   Next, Mianzhu City Market Supervision Administration will further strengthen management, draw inferences from one another, increase the frequency of inspections, truly realize closed-loop supervision, fundamentally regulate the production behavior of food production enterprises, and realize the overall production and management of food production and processing enterprises in the jurisdiction Promote.