Mexican prepackaged food and beverage labeling requirements provide additional enforcement flexibility
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   Mexico issued new implementation guidelines to provide additional enforcement flexibility for the pre-packaged food and non-alcoholic beverage labeling requirements revised by the mandatory standard NOM 051 SCFI/SSA1 2010.

   The NOM?051?SCFI/SSA1?2010 standard adopted in 2010 applies to the final products provided to consumers, excluding bulk products and products subject to more specific labeling requirements in a separate standard. According to this standard, the information provided on the labels of prepackaged foods and non-alcoholic beverages must be true, and the product descriptions must not induce consumers to misunderstand the nature and characteristics of the products. The standard was announced to be revised in March 2020. The purpose is to clarify some regulations related to product nutrition labeling and labeling on the front of the package. At present, most of the regulations have taken effect, and the remaining regulations will be gradually implemented in a few years. According to the new implementation guidelines, from April 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021:
  1. If the front label of the new product package indicates nutritional information that meets the standard, but does not contain the commercial and health information required by the March 2020 amendment (from April 1, 2021, this additional information is required ), the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor, or PROFECO) and the Federal Health Risk Protection Commission (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios, or COFEPRIS) will not penalize the product Importer, manufacturer or seller.
  2. If the product must display a new front label on the package, as well as a nutritional content statement, product name, ingredient list, allergen and added sugar statement, nutritional and health characteristics statement, organization or professional association recommendations or recognition, Mexican authorities It will not be considered that the display of child characters, animations, cartoons, celebrities, athletes, pets or interactive elements on the label violates commercial and health information requirements.
  3. As long as the label meets all applicable commercial and health information requirements, the use of self-adhesive or decal labels by the importer or domestic manufacturer will not be considered a violation.
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