McDonald’s Mainland China first launches plant-based meat products
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   (March 24, 2021, Shanghai) Recently, McDonald’s China launched a new limited-time breakfast product in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen-“Planting Thick Breakfast Meat”Series”, this is McDonald’s first attempt in the field of plant meat in mainland China. There are five products in this series. On the basis of the original popular breakfast products, they innovatively incorporate soy-derived”plant-made thick breakfast meat” ingredients, enriching the variety of McDonald’s breakfasts, and providing customers with more delicious and affordable breakfast options .

  McDonald’s China CEO Zhang Jiayin said:“McDonald’s China has been paying close attention to the consumption trend of plant meat and hopes to bring Chinese consumers plant protein rich in dietary fiber. New choice. This time, we piloted a new limited-time product of the”Planted Thick Breakfast Meat Series” in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to further understand the feedback and preferences of Chinese consumers, and strive to provide customers with innovative, nutritious and delicious diversification Choose.”

  This series of”thick breakfast meat” is a soy protein product that is extracted from natural plant ingredients. It brings a satisfying taste with burnt fragrant and crispy texture. Provides a good source of protein and dietary fiber, delicious without burden.

  ”Plant-made Thick Breakfast Meat Series” five products include Good Morning Nutrition Roll, Custard Egg and Wheat Full Points, Double Custard Egg and Wheat Full Points, and Fried Double Egg fort and full breakfast. The above items can be combined with soy milk or freshly brewed coffee to form a two-piece set, which is delicious and balanced. In addition, every Tuesday from March 24th to May 18th, McDonald’s members can purchase the”Plant-made Thick Breakfast Meat” Good Morning Nutrition Roll + Freshly Brewed Coffee two-piece set with a coupon for 12 yuan.