Malaysia plans to amend food regulations
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   On March 18, 2021, Malaysia issued a request for comments on the revision of the Food Regulations. The main revisions include:

  1. Revision of part of the content of the tag. Where food consists of two or more ingredients, except for water, food additives and added nutrients, each ingredient shall be appropriately indicated in the order of weight ratio from highest to lowest, and in the circumstances required by this Regulation Next, declare the proportion of these ingredients;
  2. For specific foods or ingredients that are known to cause allergies, change the original clauses of nuts and nut products, including peanuts and soy, to peanuts, soybeans and their products, and tree nuts and nut products other than coconuts ;
  3. Amend the declaration of no trans fatty acids and potassium in the nutrition declaration in Annex A of the registration form I.
  The feedback period for soliciting comments ends before April 18, 2021.