Ma’anshan City Market Supervision Bureau launched a comprehensive action to improve the quality and safety of edible vegetable oil
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In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the supervision work meeting of the General Administration and the Provincial Bureau, strictly implement the”four strictest” requirements, effectively strengthen the supervision and inspection of food production, focus on preventing food safety risks, and ensure the quality and safety of edible vegetable oils, the Maanshan City Market Supervision Bureau is in the city A nine-month edible vegetable oil quality and safety specification improvement action was carried out within the country.

   This promotion involves 104 edible vegetable oil production companies in the city and 97 edible vegetable oil processing workshops that have obtained registration certificates, focusing on Qimen Village, Huanfeng Town, Hanshan County, and Shengjiakou Village, Xibu Town, He County. All 83 vegetable oil production enterprises have been certified. Through four measures such as strict production license, special rectification, supervision and sampling inspection, and assistance and promotion, the focus is on checking whether the company uses plasticizer-containing plastic products, adulteration, fraudulent use, and excessive use of flavors and other food additives and product labels in the production process. There are five problems in terms of non-standard labeling and lack of strict implementation of the main responsibility of quality and safety.
  Improve action requirements, effectively strengthen organizational leadership, and strictly implement regulatory responsibilities; extensive publicity and launch, effective implementation of the “whistleblower” system, and create a good social atmosphere; strengthen training and guidance, improve the effectiveness of standardized actions; handle strictly according to law, and increase Large penalties, ensure that the cause is not identified, do not let go, rectification measures are not specific, do not let go, rectification measures are not implemented, do not let go, punishments are not in place, do not let go; the inspection results must be announced, the supervision of public opinion, and the flight will be carried out in a timely manner Inspect and supervise the progress of the standardization improvement work.
   On April 14, Maanshan City’s edible vegetable oil quality and safety specification improvement work site will be held in the edible vegetable oil industry cluster and Xibu Town of the county. At the meeting, the”Ma’anshan City Edible Vegetable Oil Regulation Improvement Action Plan” was announced, and representatives of edible vegetable oil production enterprises in Hexian and Hanshan counties made statements. The heads of more than 100 enterprises participating in the meeting signed a letter of commitment on the safety of edible vegetable oil production. The county and county governments in charge of the county government made arrangements for strengthening the work of enhancing the edible vegetable oil regulations. The main responsible comrades of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau demanded that food safety be the first and the consensus on “grasping rectification and reform” should be quickly gathered; and the implementation of responsibilities should be the key. , To quickly consolidate the responsibility of”strict standards”; to effectively focus on industrial development, quickly build a”promoting improvement” pattern, and comprehensively promote the improvement of edible vegetable oil standards to achieve practical results.