Loudi City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special survey on edible agricultural products testing in urban farmer’s markets
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   On the afternoon of April 13, Loudi City Market Supervision Bureau organized a symposium on the inspection of edible agricultural products in the urban farmer’s market in conjunction with the ongoing “market supervision by my side, I do practical things for the masses” theme practice activities that are currently being carried out.
   At the symposium, the leaders of the major farmer’s markets from the urban area gave detailed introductions based on the actual situation of the farmer’s market on the production and sales of edible agricultural products, the control of product quality and safety, and the development of rapid testing. Suggestions and comments on current problems.
   There are 18 farmers’ markets in downtown Loudi (14 in Louxing District and 4 in Economic Development Zone), which mainly meet the needs of urban residents and surrounding counties and cities for edible agricultural products. The sales chain is generally mature and orderly. Some farmer’s markets such as Huangnitang Market, Lianyuan Steel Market, Dongxin Market, Yucai Market, Zhongxing Market, and Xiangzhong Fruit and Vegetable Market have established rapid pesticide residue testing rooms and carry out regular testing, but there are problems such as single testing varieties and items. . Due to the location, equipment, testing personnel and other reasons of some private farmer’s markets, the long-term mechanism for quick inspection has not been established, and the risk warning role of food safety testing has not yet been fully utilized.
  The meeting pointed out that the quality and safety of edible agricultural products is related to the life safety of the people, and has attracted much attention. The comprehensive implementation of the rapid inspection of edible agricultural products is also an important indicator for the city to successfully pass the national sanitary city review. The farmers’ market operators must attach great importance to them, actively perform their main responsibilities, further improve the mechanism, and give full play to the role of the sentinels and scouts for rapid inspections. Keep firmly to the bottom line of the quality and safety of edible agricultural products.
  The symposium also organized and studied laws and regulations such as the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Quality and Safety of Edible Agricultural Products Market Sales. Leaders in charge of food circulation supervision of the Market Supervision Bureau of Louxing District and Economic Development Zone, heads of stock exchanges, and heads of 18 farmer’s markets in the city attended the meeting.