Longkou exports raw apple vinegar for the first time
By: Date: 2021-04-09 Categories: industrynews Tags: ,
   On April 6, the 54 tons of raw apple vinegar produced by Lvjie Co., Ltd. passed the customs inspection and passed the inspection by Longkou Customs under Qingdao Customs. This is the first time that the Longkou area has exported raw apple vinegar.
   Apple original vinegar is made from the secondary fermentation of apple juice. It is a nutritious and health-care condiment. As a fashionable drink, it has been in strong demand in overseas markets in recent years.
   In order to help the original apple vinegar in the jurisdiction to go abroad smoothly and to promote the deep development of the apple deep processing industry in Longkou City, Longkou Customs implements”report and review”,”inspection and release”,”intelligent review, certificate mailing” and other beneficial enterprise service measures , Which greatly saves the cost of enterprise customs clearance. At the same time, the customs guides enterprises to improve the self-inspection and self-control system, unblock the communication channels between customs enterprises, strengthen the research on export market access standards and technical trade measures, and strict pre-export inspection and testing to help the original apple vinegar in its jurisdiction sell well in overseas markets.