Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Administration Announcement on Food Safety Sampling Inspection Information (No. 5, 2021)
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   Recently, the market supervision and management department organized and completed 824 batches of food safety sampling inspections, involving 6 categories such as aquatic products, quick-frozen foods, condiments, beverages, catering food, and edible agricultural products. Among them, 798 batches were qualified and found to be unqualified. 26 batches. According to the national food safety standards, individual items are deemed unqualified food. The details are as follows:

  1 batch of substandard aquatic products was found; no substandard was found for quick-frozen food; 1 batch was found substandard for condiments; 1 batch was found substandard for beverages; 12 batches of unqualified food were found; 11 batches of unqualified edible agricultural products were found.

   Please refer to the attachment for details of the inspection items, qualified food and unqualified food.

   For the unqualified foods announced this time, the provincial bureau has instructed the relevant municipal bureaus to carry out verification and disposal work, and timely take the risk prevention and control measures taken by the enterprise and verify and dispose of it The situation is open to the public.

   hereby announces.

  Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Administration

   March 31, 2021