Liaocheng launches special sampling inspections for campus food safety
By: Date: 2021-04-14 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,
   In order to strengthen campus food safety supervision during the school season, improve the level of food safety on campus and surrounding areas, and investigate hidden food safety hazards on campus, the Liaocheng City Market Supervision Administration organized a special supervision and random inspection of campus food safety in 2021.
   This sampling inspection is oriented to the discovery of campus food problems. In the catering process, the rice noodle oil, livestock and poultry meat, vegetables, raw dried seeds, condiments, and reused tableware used in the school canteen are the focus of the sampling; in the circulation link Focus on the sampling inspection of flavored noodles, flavored beverages, puffed foods, fruit products (candied fruit), candies, frozen drinks, biscuits and soy products (non-fermented soy products) operated by food sellers on campus and surrounding campuses. A total of 445 batches of random inspections are planned. Times. The results of the random inspections will be announced on the website of the Municipal Bureau as soon as possible. For the unqualified foods, the inspection and disposal work will be initiated immediately, and the relevant enterprises will be ordered to recall the unqualified foods immediately, and conduct serious investigations in accordance with laws and regulations to effectively protect teachers and students. Safe diet and good health.