Liaocheng Dongchangfu District strengthens pork product quality and safety supervision in market sales
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In order to effectively strengthen the quality and safety of pork products in the market, improve the implementation of the responsibility system of pork business enterprises, and create a safe business environment for pork sales, the Dongchangfu District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently organized a special force for pork product sales units, Special inspections have been carried out by processing enterprises and small food workshops.

   They carried out inspections in combination with daily supervision, control, random inspection, complaints and reports, and included farmers’ markets, rural markets, small workshops, small restaurants and other units that sell or use more pork and their products as the focus of the inspection. In the link, through the inspection of animal quarantine certificates, meat quality inspection certificates, and the implementation of the system of requesting tickets and tickets, we urge operating companies to fulfill their main responsibility for quality and safety, strictly control pork sales and ensure the safety of pork food consumption. At the same time, law enforcement officers also distributed leaflets to pork units to publicize relevant laws and regulations, raise legal awareness, and strengthen legal awareness. They strictly require them to implement the purchase inspection record system and purchase pork and other live pig products from designated slaughterhouses. Procurement and operation of pig products are strictly prohibited. Live pig products such as pork from legal sources, without inspection and quarantine or unqualified inspection and quarantine.
   In the next step, Dongchangfu District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will work with relevant departments to increase supervision, inspection and sampling and testing, severely deal with business units that have problems, and report them, and if they are suspected of crimes, they will be transferred to the public security organs in time. Investigate and deal with it and make every effort to protect consumers'”safety on the tip of the tongue”.