Letter of Hebei Province Grain Industry Association on Publicly Soliciting Group Standards Opinions
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   The three group standards of”Yanzhao Good Cereals, Oils and Wheat”,”Yanzhao Good Cereals and Oils Wheat Flour”, and”Yanzhao Good Cereals and Oils Noodles” drafted by Hebei Province Grain and Oil Product Quality Monitoring Center have completed the drafting of drafts for soliciting opinions and are now online Solicit opinions and welcome valuable opinions from all walks of life.”Feedback Form for Soliciting Opinions”, please send feedback to the Secretariat of Hebei Province Grain Industry Association before March 8, 2021.
  Contact:Xiao Jing Tel:0311-87873098
   Email:[email protected]
  Attachment:1. Feedback form for soliciting opinions
  2. Yanzhao Hao Cereals, Oils, Wheat (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)
  3. Yanzhao Hao Cereals, Oils, Wheat Flour (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)
  4. Yanzhao Hao Grain and Oil Noodles (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)
  Hebei Food Industry Association
   February 8, 2021