Lead in this batch of pickles in Shanghai was detected to be excessive. Have you bought it?
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  Food Partner Network News On April 14, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration issued the 14th provincial food safety sampling information in 2021. This sampling information involves 5 categories of food, including:Seasonings, vegetable products, edible oils, fats and their products, sugar, alcohol, etc. A total of 459 batches of samples were sampled, of which 458 batches were qualified and 1 batch was unqualified.
  Sampling inspection information shows that the unqualified product is Kaiweicai (pickled vegetables) produced by Sichuan Guangle Food Co., Ltd. sold by Shanghai Wangyu Industrial Co., Ltd. The lead (calculated as Pb) exceeds the standard.
  Lead is one of the most common heavy metal pollutants. The”National Food Safety Standard Limits of Contaminants in Foods” (GB 2762-2017) stipulates that the limit of lead (calculated as Pb) in vegetable products is 1.0 mg/kg. The reason for the excessive lead in pickles may be the enrichment of lead elements in the environment during the planting process of the vegetables used, resulting in excessive lead content in the raw materials; it may also be caused by the processing equipment, containers, and packaging materials in the production and processing process. The lead migration brings in. Lead can accumulate in the human body, and long-term intake of food that exceeds the lead may affect the brain and nervous system.
  For the unqualified products found in the above-mentioned random inspections, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration has requested the relevant district market supervision administrations to promptly investigate and deal with unqualified foods and their producers and operators, investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law, and further urge enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations , And record the relevant information into the food safety credit files of food producers and operators. The investigation and handling information shall be disclosed by the district market supervision administration bureau responsible for the investigation and handling of the case in the place where the enterprise is located.
Unqualified product information

Serial number Nominal manufacturer name Nominal manufacturing company address Name of the sampled unit Address of sampled unit Food name Specification model Trademarks Production date/batch number Unqualified items║inspection result║standard value Classification Inspection agency
1 Sichuan Guangle Food Co., Ltd. No.118, Yashi Road, Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone Shanghai Wangyu Industrial Co., Ltd. Unit B1-2, Basement 1, No. 71, Zhongshan Middle Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai Open Wei Cai (Pickled Vegetables) 160g/bag Guangle + pattern 2020/8/18 Lead (as Pb)║1.33mg/kg║≤1.0mg/kg Vegetable products Ningbo Customs Technology Center
(Source:Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration)
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