Kunming City Takes Multiple Measures Simultaneously to Promote the Hundred-Day Tackling Action of”Net Restaurant” and”Managed Market”
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   In order to conscientiously implement the province’s”clean restaurants” and”management market” special actions, Kunming adheres to problem-oriented, goal-oriented, and result-oriented, and strengthens system thinking and departmental linkage to”tack the toughest problems in a hundred days.” Set off the climax of two special actions,”net restaurant” and”management market”.
  Improve ideological understanding and achieve”three firsts”. One is to organize preparations first. Before launching the”Hundred Days Tackling”, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau specially held a meeting on the implementation of the city’s”clean restaurants” and”management markets” special action responsibilities. At the same time, it conducted open and unannounced visits to the six districts of the main city and filmed unannounced visits to the city’s”net restaurants”. In-depth investigations were conducted on the work situation of the”Guan Bazaar”. And mobilize backbone forces to enrich the special classes of the city’s”net restaurant” and”management market” work action groups. The second is to arrange deployment first. The “Hundred-Day Tackling” special action was raised to the municipal level to make overall arrangements. The municipal government organized a mobilization meeting. The relevant municipal departments and the county (city) district people’s governments in charge participated in the meeting to mobilize various departments at all levels to further unify their thinking. , Raise awareness and promote work. The third is to urge and guide first. 19 municipal-level supervision groups have been established to regularly conduct on-site inspections and supervision and guidance on the implementation of the”Hundred-Day Tackling” action, establish a list of problems, and rectify the ledger, to ensure that the rectification of problems is in place, and to prevent rebounds.
   Improve the work system and consolidate the”three responsibilities”. One is to implement the guarantee responsibility. Establish a”four-level guarantee” responsibility system for counties, towns (sub-districts), communities and functional departments, and implement territorial supervision responsibilities through slicing, guaranteeing, and gridding supervision to ensure full coverage of the guarantee responsibility within the jurisdiction, no dead ends, Nothing is missing. The second is to compact the main responsibility. Taking streets and grids as the unit, strengthen the daily supervision and publicity and education of catering service providers and bazaars, by signing the”Bazaar Operation and Management Responsibility Letter” with the market organizer and implementing the”three guarantees in front of the door” responsibilities, etc. Consolidate the main responsibilities of market organizers and catering practitioners, and form a pattern of joint management, co-governance and co-management. The third is to strengthen the linkage responsibility. In the”Food Service Environmental Hygiene Improvement Action” and the”Farmer’s Market Environmental Hygiene Improvement Action”, the municipal leading units, cooperating units, and responsible units are clarified, and the division of tasks in the key areas of the”clean restaurants” special action is detailed. At the same time, each county (city) and district clarified that one responsible person in each functional department such as market supervision, urban management, agriculture, forestry, health, public security, and fire protection within its jurisdiction is the responsible person for grid supervision, and strengthened the supervision of functional departments.
   detailed tackling measures to ensure”three clears”. One is that the standards are clear. Organize the city’s”net restaurants” and”management bazaars” 100-day special action business training, compile and print the”Kunming City Market Supervision Administration,”net restaurants” and”manage bazaars” special action law application and typical case reference” to clarify law enforcement Case handling procedures and working standards ensure that law enforcement personnel have laws to follow and rules to follow. The second is that the masses are clear. Make full use of publicity platforms such as TV, newspapers, and financial media to widely publicize the great significance of the special actions of”net restaurants” and”market management”. At the same time, we will strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in bazaars and catering units, highlight high-frequency inspections and full-item random inspections, and adopt measures such as strict supervision of law enforcement and establishment of negative examples to form a”strike one, educate a group, and deter one.””The effect of rectification. The third is that the problem is clear. The city’s”net restaurant” and”management market” action groups insist on holding monthly scheduling meetings to notify the city’s work progress and key issues. Regularly notify the county (city) and district government, the development (resort) park management committee, and the relevant responsible departments at the municipal level to”exposure” the outstanding problems and negative examples discovered by the superior supervision and inspection, media exposure, and third-party investigation and evaluation.”Reveal the ugliness” to promote the implementation of work.
  Innovative management methods, highlighting the”three enhancements”. One is to strengthen the empowerment of wisdom. Fully promote the application of the”Food and Beverage Code”, and 100%of the certified catering service providers have realized the training and deployment of the”Food and Beverage Code” and publicized the code, which has forced an upgrade of catering services.”Reward for supplement” encourages market organizers to”implement policies in accordance with the situation” to create a smart farmer’s market. The second is to strengthen the result orientation. Establish a “red and black list” system, and include counties with the largest proportion of “dissatisfied” catering service providers in the “Dining Safety Code” for one month, counties and districts with the last two consecutive periods of comprehensive ranking, and counties and districts that have been continuously exposed and notified. List of blacklists, conduct notifications, criticisms and interviews. The third is to strengthen demonstration and guidance. All counties and districts have assigned indicators for the creation of “clean restaurants” special action demonstration blocks (commercial circles) and demonstration farmer’s markets, and by creating a batch of “clean restaurants” and “management bazaars” action benchmarks and work models to provide market entities with intuitive experience. Refer to the referenced standards to fully promote the overall improvement of the city’s farmer’s market and catering establishments.