Jinzhong City Market Supervision Administration launches special inspections on food safety in spring
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  At the beginning of the spring school season, the market supervision departments at the city and county levels will conduct special food safety inspections on all levels and types of schools and surrounding food operators in their jurisdictions. The first is to combine with daily supervision and focus on the inspection of the main food operators. Qualifications, the implementation of food safety main responsibilities, the implementation of food safety operating specifications, and the implementation of various management systems; the second is to combine with the creation of a civilized city, and encourage food operators to earnestly implement the provisions of the”Regulations on the Prevention and Suppression of Catering Waste” The third is to combine with regular self-inspections to actively guide schools and catering operators to implement the main responsibility for food safety and eliminate food safety hazards in a timely manner. During the inspection process, the supervisors should correct the problems found to be incomplete, the employee’s health certificate expired, the catering equipment disinfection facility is not functioning normally, and the sanitation environment of the operation site is poor, and the supervisory staff will correct it on the spot, and urge the school and surrounding food operators to set up operations. Establish reforms to ensure early detection, early prevention, and early reporting of major food safety accidents on campus and surrounding areas to prevent food poisoning or food-borne diseases.
   As of the end of March, the city’s market supervision department dispatched 2,738 law enforcement personnel to inspect 517 school kindergarten canteens, 1091 food businesses around the campus, order rectification of 59 families, interview 10 food businesses, and file 8 cases for investigation , Seized 22.75 kilograms of unqualified food, fined 0.25 million yuan.