Jinzhong City confirms the food safety”you point and I inspect” sampling inspection plan, plans to sample 274 batches of 83 varieties
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   On April 9th, the Jinzhong Food Safety Expert Committee organized a”You Point and I Check” seminar. Participants started discussions based on the results of the previous”online + offline” questionnaire, and determined the city’s food safety on the spot The”You Point and I Check” activity randomly inspected varieties, batches and testing items, involving a total of 274 batches of 83 varieties.
   Build consensus in the discussion.”I think this food safety” You click me to check”The questionnaire activity has been carried out very smoothly.””The activity was conducted through voting on 20 food categories and 74 food sub-categories in 6 options in the three areas of production, distribution, and catering. , Selecting the most desirable links and food types for random inspections, and setting them up comprehensively.” “So far, 24,705 online and offline questionnaires have been collected, covering 11 counties (cities, districts) in the city, and the questionnaire rate has reached the entire city. The permanent population is 7.48 ‰, and the result is very representative.”…The participants were very satisfied with the previous questionnaire work. After 20 days of intense and orderly work on the questionnaire, the first phase of the target task was successfully completed. The thematic discussion is based on this, by listening to expert opinions from professional committees and combining the actual work of front-line food safety supervisors, discussing and determining the random inspection plan, and striving to achieve the unification of public opinion, expert opinions, and grassroots reality.
   clear the direction in the analysis. At the meeting, relevant persons in charge conducted data analysis on the questionnaire one by one.”In terms of food categories, five categories of food, including edible agricultural products, catering food, processed food products, meat products and soy products, received the highest number of votes. The corresponding votes were 39,507, 30,122, 27,417, 27,338, and 26,282.”In terms of food sub-categories, citizens pay more attention to five sub-categories of livestock and poultry meat, vegetables, flour, fruits and sausages. The corresponding votes were 11,312, 11,054, 9,868, 9,566, and 9,557 votes.” In terms of sampling, the most popular link for sampling is the food circulation, which accounts for 73.05%, production, 7.87%, and catering, 19.08%.”…The relevant data analysis is accurate, concise, and clear. The same as the weather vane, so that all participants have a clear understanding of the people’s”urgency and worry” regarding food safety.
   Grasp the key points in research and judgment.”I think the”you point me check” spot check should grasp the”four key points”, one is to focus on foods that are closely related to the people’s daily life, the second is to focus on the weak points of daily food safety supervision, and the third is For food related to adolescents, children and infants as the key population, the fourth is to focus on rural areas and urban-rural fringe areas.” Everyone unanimously agreed to use it as a sampling principle. The”Sampling Inspection Plan” proposes to plan to sample 83 varieties in 17 categories, with a total of 274 batches of food (including 30 batches in the production process, 214 batches in the circulation process, and 32 batches in the catering process). Risk levels are involved. For example, take the issue of”Clenbuterol” exposed at the CCTV’s 3.15 party this year as an example. The masses’ attention is high. The”Sampling Plan” clearly proposes to carry out volatile basic nitrogen, enrofloxacin, and gram for animal meat products. Lentrol, ractopamine, salbutamol and other items detection.
   According to reports, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will promptly announce the relevant sampling inspections to the public in follow-up. At the same time, as the city’s food safety”you point me inspection” activities are intensified, we also hope that the general public will continue to actively participate in the activities and pay attention to food safety. , To jointly build a large-scale pattern of food safety and social governance.