Jinan Gangcheng District launches a special law enforcement action on counterfeit and inferior food in large rural areas
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Recently, the Gangcheng District Market Supervision Bureau earnestly implemented the work deployment requirements of the”Implementation Plan for Special Law Enforcement Actions on Rural Counterfeit and Shoddy Food”, and aimed at the key area of ​​rural counterfeit and shoddy food-the large rural market, fully rolled out, attacked, and rectified. , To carry out in-depth enforcement actions.

  The first is to strengthen publicity and education to promote food safety co-governance.
  Through on-site explanations and distribution of”Stall Clearance Paper” and other methods, it focuses on publicizing food business related laws and regulations to rural DJI food operators, and requires food operators to engage in food business in accordance with the law. At the same time, we will disseminate food safety-related knowledge to the general public, and improve safe consumption awareness and self-prevention capabilities.
  The second is to highlight the key points of law enforcement and carry out centralized inspections.
  Special law enforcement activities focus on bulk foods, condiments, on-site snacks, meat and meat products, etc., to check whether food stall operators have applied for health certificates, whether food stalls have been filed for public announcements, and whether they are sound; Order the stall operators who have not handled the publicity of the food stalls to do so within a time limit. Supervise the business operators in Daji to operate with a license or record card, and further establish and refine the supervision account to ensure the progress and effectiveness of law enforcement actions.
  The third is to strictly inspect food quality and safety and crack down on violations of laws and regulations.
   For counterfeit, outdated, non-compliant food safety standards, labels containing false content, adding non-edible substances and other illegal activities, once discovered, immediately file a case for investigation, comprehensively investigate the hidden dangers of rural Daji food safety, and severely crack down on the sale of counterfeit and shoddy food And other violations of laws and regulations to improve the level of food safety in rural areas.
   In the past week since the launch of the special law enforcement action for the rural large market, it has regulated the operation of mobile food stalls, improved the food safety awareness of operators and rural consumers, and played a positive role in building a standardized and orderly rural large market food market. effect. In the next step, Gangcheng District will conduct irregular follow-up inspections based on the key hidden dangers discovered in the special law enforcement of rural large-scale food safety and key food business households, continuously standardize the order of rural food operations, and effectively ensure rural food safety.