Jinan City Rural Counterfeit and Inferior Food Remediation Action Work Conference Held
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γ€€γ€€ On April 16, the Jinan Rural Counterfeit and Fake Food Remediation Action Conference was held. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Commerce Bureau, and Supply and Marketing Cooperatives respectively made work reports to further exchange work experience, analyze and judge Problems, research and solutions.
γ€€γ€€The meeting emphasized that, first, we must earnestly implement the work arrangements of superiors, raise awareness, from the perspective of benefiting the people and promoting development, from the perspective of keeping the bottom line and drawing the high line, and from the dimensions of coordination and linkage, and gathering forces. The special rectification actions are well coordinated, planned and organized. Second, we must accurately grasp the key points of special rectification, clarify work tasks around the city’s plan, sort out and analyze item by item, make a list of problems, and determine rectification measures. All departments must make planning arrangements to form a rectification plan for the unit and this link, establish a plan at all levels, and implement the rectification requirements. Third, we must severely crack down on illegal acts at the source, and follow the principles of law, timeliness, strictness, and emphasis on the detection of one case of rural counterfeit and inferior food safety, investigating one case, and tracing the root cause. Strengthen the connection of executions, and those suspected of crimes shall be transferred to the public security organs in a timely manner in accordance with the law. Through investigating a batch of illegal cases, exposing a batch of typical cases, destroying a batch of counterfeit and inferior food, and severely punishing a batch of criminals, an effective deterrent atmosphere has been formed. Fourth, we must standardize various food production and operation activities, supervise and guide food production and operation entities to strictly implement purchase inspection and certificate claiming, purchase and sales ledger records, production and processing quality control, disinfection and cleaning, and place sanitation systems, and standardize business behaviors. Implement the main responsibility and improve the level of food quality control. Fifth, we must strengthen publicity, adopt multiple channels and methods to popularize food safety laws and regulations, and guide the public to increase food safety awareness and self-protection awareness. Intensify the training of food producers and operators, inform rural food producers and operators of the serious consequences and legal responsibilities of producing and selling counterfeit and shoddy food, and improve their awareness of law-abiding operations. Sixth, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and inspection, by setting goals, measures, persons responsible, and time limits for completion, clarifying timetables and road maps, and strengthening territorial management responsibilities. Organize and carry out joint supervision and inspection in a timely manner, regularly schedule and grasp the progress of grass-roots work, and promote the rectification work to achieve practical results. Seventh, coordination and cooperation must be strengthened. Departments such as market supervision, agriculture and rural areas, public security, commerce, supply and marketing, etc. must establish a coordination mechanism, hold regular meetings, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and form a joint force for rectification.