Jilin Yushu Court’s”three strikes” of clenbuterol will ensure food safety for the masses
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  Food safety is related to everyone’s health and life safety. It is the most basic livelihood issue and the focus of social attention. With the launch of the special rectification activities of the political and legal teams, the Yushu Court actively implemented the”I do practical work for the masses” work deployment, and concentrated on hearing criminal cases that are closely related to the lives of the people.
   On March 31, the Criminal Tribunal of the Elm Court heard three cases of”Clenbuterol”. The defendants He, Li, and Huo were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for the crime of producing toxic and harmful foods. Seven months, and fines ranging from 20,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan.
   The court found that the defendants He, Li, and Huo in the three cases knew that clenbuterol (commonly known as”Clenbuterol”) is a toxic and hazardous substance banned in feed by the state, and the ban is still imposed In spite of this,”Clenbuterol” was incorporated into the feed to feed the cattle it raised. His behavior has constituted the crime of producing toxic and harmful food. In view of the fact that the three defendants all confessed the circumstances, and pleaded guilty and punished, the above judgment was made in accordance with the law.
  Food safety involves multiple links such as the supply of raw materials, production, processing, and sales. Any problem in any link will bring great harm to the people and the whole society. The judge hereby reminds the majority of farmers and friends:Please be sure to abide by the law during the breeding process, and do not add or use”clenbuterol” and other prohibited substances in violation of laws and regulations to cause yourself to be jailed and regret!