Jilin issued the 15th notice in 2021 that the alcohol content of this batch of alcohol was not up to standard
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  Food Partner Network News On April 12, Jilin Province Market Supervision and Administration Department issued the 15th notice of 2021, organizing random inspections of 322 batches of samples of 4 types of food, and unqualified samples were detected 1 batch.
  Sampling inspection information shows that the unqualified sample is 1 batch of liquor, which is the nominal Jiujiang Yuanyan (Jilin Laojiao) liquor produced by Dehui Haojiufang Distillery and sold at the convenience store in Chuanying District, Jilin City. (500ml/bottle, Jiujiang Yuanyan and graphic trademark, production date 2020-07-10), the alcohol content does not meet the product quality requirements and express standards.
  Alcohol content refers to the number of milliliters of ethanol (alcohol) contained in 100 milliliters of liquor at 20°C, that is, the percentage of volume (capacity). Alcohol is an important quality index of liquor, and it is an index to distinguish liquor degree. Generally, alcohol content between 25%vol—40%vol is called low-alcohol, and accuracy between 41%vol—68%vol is called high-alcohol. The unqualified alcohol content reflects the quality management level and ability of an enterprise. An enterprise must first be able to control the quality of its own products. Substandard alcohol content will affect the quality of liquor.
  Jilin Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Department has notified the local market supervision department to investigate and deal with the unqualified products found in random inspections, recall the unqualified products, analyze the reasons for rectification; Jilin City Market Supervision Department has urged relevant units in the food business link Immediately take measures such as delisting to control risks.
Unqualified product information

Serial number Nominal manufacturer name Nominal manufacturing company address Name of the sampled unit Address of sampled unit Food name Specification model Trademarks Production date/batch number Unqualified items║inspection result║standard value Testing agency Remarks
1 Dehui Haojiufang Winery Dejiu Road, Huifa Development Zone, Dehui City, Jilin Province Moment Convenience Store, Chuanying District, Jilin City No. 104, Shuncheng Street, Desheng Street, Chuanying District, Jilin City, Jilin Province Jiujiang Yuanyan (Jilin Laojiao) Wine 500ml/bottle Jiujiang Yuanyan and graphic trademark 2020-07-10 Alcohol content║49.6%vol║51.0~53.0%vol Jilin Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute /
(Source:Market Supervision and Administration Department of Jilin Province)
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