Jiaxing Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau held a city-wide catering and food safety supervision work conference
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   On March 30, the Jiaxing Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau held a 2021 citywide catering and food safety supervision work conference in Jiashan County. Zhang Zhiming, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, leaders in charge of the county (city, district) bureaus (sub-bureaus) and heads of the Catering Section, and all staff from the Catering Department of the Municipal Bureau attended the meeting.
   At the meeting, the person in charge of the Food and Beverage Department of the Municipal Bureau deployed the 2021 catering food safety supervision work, and clarified the catering service food safety guarantee plan for the party’s centenary and the anti-catering waste related activities plan.
   Deputy Director Zhang Zhiming fully affirmed the city’s catering and food safety supervision work in 2020, and at the same time put forward requirements for the 2021 work. First, we must always integrate into the special background of”welcoming a century and promoting butterfly change” to consider and promote, and strengthen the sense of mission, opportunity and worry. The second is to always put civil facts items at the top of the list. All localities should be based on”early”,”practical” and”excellent”, benchmark against the table, and achieve project-based, inventory-based, and accountable. The third is to always grasp the key points, difficulties, focal points, and hot issues to improve the quality and safety of catering. All localities should highlight key points and be targeted, and carry out daily supervision and special rectification actions from the three dimensions of time, space, region, and subject category. Fourth, we must always be cautious and careful to ensure the safety of catering and food for major events. All localities must earnestly strengthen organization and leadership, be rigorous throughout the entire process, and fully consolidate the main responsibilities of the host and the host to ensure that there is nothing wrong with it. Fifth, we will always take the digital reform as the lead to improve the level of food safety supervision in catering. All localities must stand on their own, strengthen their confidence, face difficulties, do not wait and see, do not miss positions, do not lag behind, and well-founded counties (cities, districts) must strive to be in the forefront of the province. At the same time, it adopts professional third-party coordination,”red and black list”,”five-entry” carrier, credit supervision, and merchant autonomous alliances to take the road of intelligent governance + social co-governance, and enhance the people’s sense of security and satisfaction.
  The meeting also conducted a collective discussion and research on two provincial people’s livelihood projects, the special rectification of online meal ordering and the creation of the”Sunshine Catering” complex (block).