Jiangsu Province carried out the upgrade of small food workshops and the cultivation of”famous, special and high-quality” food workshops
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  In order to promote the high-quality projects of the people’s livelihood of the provincial government and strengthen the standardized construction of small food workshops in our province, recently, the Office of Food Safety Commission of Jiangsu Province and the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued the”Upgrade and Upgrade of Small Food Workshops in Jiangsu Province” The”Excellent Food Workshop Cultivation Work Plan” will focus on promoting the upgrading and upgrading of food workshops throughout the province, and cultivate 300″famous, special and excellent” food workshops.
   2021 is a year for the promotion of small food workshops. The whole province will carry out the”Five Ones” action to upgrade the files of small food workshops in accordance with the principle of”government-led, departmental linkage, and workshop owner responsibility”.”One-time on-site counseling”, combined with daily supervision and inspection to provide on-site technical guidance to the small food workshop, and put forward specific reform suggestions and plans that meet the actual needs of the small workshop.”A set of standardized production guidelines”, combined with the results of the risk investigation of small food workshops in the early stage, formulated guidelines for standardized production of small workshops, compiled them into a book, and printed and distributed the province’s small food workshops.”One-time online training”, inviting food safety experts to conduct online training for supervisors and owners of small food workshops across the province.”One offline training”, through on-site teaching, on-site meetings and other forms, according to administrative divisions, relatively concentrated on-site teaching for small workshop owners.”One-time rectification feedback”, hiring a third-party technical agency to review and comment on the rectification of the small food workshop to ensure that the rectification of the problem is in place. On the basis of upgrading and upgrading, 300 small “famous, special and high-quality” food workshops were selected and cultivated.
  The provincial market supervision department will take multiple measures to further regulate the production and processing behaviors of small food workshops to ensure that the supervision mechanism of small food workshops is more complete, and food safety risks are effectively controlled; industry development is more standardized, and the level of food quality and safety is significantly improved ; A number of”famous, special and excellent” demonstration sites have been effectively established, and positive social benefits have been shown overall.