Ji’an Yongxin County strengthens cold chain food inspection work
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  In order to prevent unqualified frozen food from entering the market and to ensure that the source of cold chain food supervision measures are in place, recently, Ji’an Yongxin County Market Supervision Bureau accompanied relevant personnel of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau to go to supermarkets, farmer’s markets and other places in the jurisdiction to carry out epidemic prevention and control The special inspection of food safety aims to build a safety net for the prevention and control of cold-chain food epidemics.
  The inspection team successively came to the Guoguang Supermarket, the Great World Farmers’ Market and other key places to conduct strict inspections on the trademarks, production dates, shelf life, purchase channels, and nucleic acid testing qualification certificates of frozen products, and urged merchants to strictly implement imported cold products. Chain food “four certificates” (customs declaration, inspection and quarantine certificate, negative nucleic acid test report and disinfection certificate) requirements, and carried out food safety knowledge propaganda to operators, requiring operators to strengthen normalized epidemic prevention and control measures and food safety assurance work , Put an end to numbness.
  Next, Yongxin County Bureau will increase the intensity and frequency of cold chain food inspections, especially food operators with cold storage, urge them to implement detailed prevention and control measures, strictly implement the certificate and ticket request system, and improve” The information and filing of the”Gan Traceability” platform ensures that the source of refrigerated and frozen food can be checked, the quality is controllable, and the destination can be traced, and the safety of the people in the jurisdiction is”on the tip of the tongue”.