Ji’an City Launches National Health Review Food Safety Work Supervision
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   In order to promote the implementation of Ji’an National Sanitation City review and welcome food safety work, on April 13, Nie Sangying, the leader of the special rectification work leading group for the “four small” industries in Ji’an, led the supervision team to the Jizhou District, Qingyuan District National Health Review food safety work carried out on-site supervision.
  The inspection team visited the Pioneer Community in Jizhou District, Xingguang Park, around the bus station in the city center, near Zhangshuxia on Jifu Road, restaurants around the studio, and Binjiang Avenue in Qingyuan District, near Ma’anqian, Jingda Surroundings, Qingyuan District Bus Station, Ji’an Railway Station and other surrounding restaurants.
   The supervision team focused on inspections of the catering units in the two districts, such as certification operation,”three prevention” facilities, food and kitchen hygiene, etc., issued on-site correction notices for problems found in the inspection, required rectification within a time limit, and urged relevant departments in the jurisdiction Follow up and implement the problem rectification to ensure that the problem rectification is in place.
   The supervision team emphasized that in response to the problems in the”four small” industries, the regulatory authorities must innovate regulatory methods, improve regulatory efficiency, and further increase deterrence against hidden food safety hazards in business sites, and pay close attention to rectification and implementation; relevant departments must Strengthen cooperation and coordination, jointly promote the improvement of food safety level, and ensure that the rectification is effective; market entities must effectively enhance the awareness of the main responsibility of food safety, implement food safety awareness in all aspects of the business link, and jointly maintain the city’s food safety results.