Ji’an City deploys city-wide market supervision in 2021
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   On March 30, Ji’an held the 2021 city-wide market supervision work deployment meeting. Office director, four-level investigator of the municipal bureau, deputy leader of the disciplinary inspection and supervision group stationed in the bureau, chief engineer of the municipal bureau, food safety director, drug safety director, market inspection commissioner, drug inspection commissioner, major departments of the municipal bureau and directly affiliated units A total of more than 100 people including responsible comrades attended the meeting.

   The meeting conveyed the spirit of the national and provincial market supervision work conferences. The leaders in charge of the city bureau deployed one by one the city’s key tasks in various fields of market supervision in 2021, and each county ( Municipal, district) bureaus made exchange speeches.

The    meeting pointed out that in 2020 and the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the city’s system will provide excellent service and strong governance, and will play a role in the Great Examination. The goal of “one in place, three improvements, and five improvements” has been achieved. Institutional reform has been successfully implemented. The city’s business environment, market environment, and consumption environment have been significantly improved. The city’s political loyalty, overall service concept, and innovation Awareness of excellence, support ability, and team spirit have been comprehensively improved. The city’s system has always insisted on building a strong party team, especially on political construction, and further strengthened the sense of loyalty; always adhered to strong supervision of excellent service, especially the”three major safety”, and further strengthened the sense of responsibility; always insisted on promoting excellence through innovation, In particular, the emphasis on carrying forward and catching up has further strengthened the sense of enterprising; always adhere to the discipline and respect, especially the construction of style, and further strengthen the sense of discipline; always adhere to the coordination to promote harmony, especially the government support, and further strengthen the awareness of the overall situation .

The    meeting emphasized that during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, the city’s market supervision work should be changed, well studied and judged, with clear ideas and directions, and a deep understanding and accurate grasp to promote development. , Higher requirements for safety, strong supervision, and efficiency improvement. We must put the main body of the market in the prominent position of”six stability and six guarantees”, take the improvement of quality level as an important support for promoting high-quality development, and strive to create the”four best” business environment, improve the overall level of quality, and promote the creation and application of patents. , Strive to promote the healthy and stable development of the city’s economy; always take safety supervision as the primary responsibility of the market supervision department, strengthen source governance, prevent safety risks, resolutely hold the bottom line of safety, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security; to give full play to The spirit of”Bright Sword”, exerts the power of”big supervision” that runs through the whole process of production, circulation and consumption, all fields and all-round, regards the construction of the market system as the basic project of the market economy system, and strengthens the supervision and law enforcement as the main responsibility of the main business, and continues Intensify the enforcement of anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and promote the establishment of a high-standard market system with unobstructed access, open and orderly, adequate competition, and orderly standards; it is necessary to improve the policy coordination system that promotes the development of market supervision, Improve the professional talent team system that meets the regulatory requirements of the new era, improve the risk prevention and control system that meets the modern needs of governance capabilities, improve the technical support system that meets the high-quality development of the industry, improve the smart supervision system that adapts to the application of big data, and improve the adaptation to emergencies Efforts should be made to improve the safety emergency system for incident handling, improve the social co-governance system that adapts to the new pattern of comprehensive social governance, and improve the market supervision security system that adapts to the new stage.

   The meeting requires that in 2021, the city’s market supervision work must focus on key actions, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and revolve around” 3553″ working ideas (transmitting three major concepts, focusing on five major points, seeking five major actions, and strengthening three major guarantees), strictly prevent and control, provide excellent services, strengthen supervision, improve efficiency, and continuously optimize the market access environment, market competition environment and market consumption environment . We must vigorously spread the three concepts of putting people at the center, serving economic development, keeping upright responsibility, and innovation and excellence; we must focus on the five key points of party building, legal construction, smart platform construction, small catering improvement, and promotion of rural revitalization to achieve characteristic work Strive for an advanced position; seek normalized epidemic prevention and control, optimize business environment services, high-quality development services, market sector industry remediation, and biomedical industry development five major actions, promote stable and far-reaching regulatory services; strengthen political leadership and accelerate capacity improvement , Pay close attention to the three guarantees of work style construction to ensure the successful completion of the annual tasks.