Jialing Court of Nanchong City:”Take oil” hot pot,”poison” is even more sinful!
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   Recently, the Jialing District Court of Nanchong City opened a hearing to hear a criminal case involving the production and sale of toxic and harmful food. In order to reduce costs, a man repeatedly recycled the remaining oil in the hot pot to refine the old oil and sell it to customers For consumption, he was convicted of producing and selling toxic and harmful food. At the same time, he declared that he must not engage in activities related to the food industry during the probation period.
  The defendant Li Moumou partnered with others to open a “Moumou Self-service Hot Pot Restaurant” in Jialing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province and also served as a chef. In mid-November 2019, due to rising prices and in order to reduce costs, Li Moumou knew that hot pot restaurants could not use recycled old oil for processing and selling to customers. He repeatedly recovered the remaining oil in the hot pot after customers used up the meal and secretly it. It is refined into old oil, and then the old oil is added to the new oil and condiments to make the hot pot base, which is sold to customers again. After being reported by the masses, on November 21, 2019, the Jialing District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau inspected and found the”XX Self-Service Hot Pot Restaurant”. Li Moumou took the initiative to surrender to the public security organs and truthfully confessed his crime. After verification, Li XX refined nearly 6 kilograms of old oil.
   After the trial, the court held that the defendant Li Moumou, in order to save raw materials, reduce costs, and enhance the taste of hot pot, reprocessed and produced recycled and discarded edible fats and oils and mixed them into hot pots for customers. His behavior violated the country. Food safety management system and the health and safety of consumers. Taking into account the sentencing circumstances such as surrendering, pleading guilty and punishing, the Jialing Court sentenced the defendant Li Moumou to the crime of producing and selling toxic and harmful food, sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for one year, and fined 5,000 yuan; the defendant Li was banned. XX engaged in activities related to food production and sales during the probation period. After the verdict, the defendant Li XX did not appeal.