Is it normal for the Youth League to be so”green”?
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   One bite of the youth group eats up Jiangnanchun, this spring, have you”taste the spring” yet?

  Recently, some friends from the public have reportedThe youth group made by myself is always bright and bright, so will the green and bright color be added? What’s wrong?

   Now, special test results are here, let’s take a look!

   Youth League Special Inspection div>

   no edible synthetic coloring bright blue was detected

   Yiming Zhenxian, Heshan Garden, Zuoshengke, Qiansheng Peach Cake, 85°C, Laiyifen, Fatino…

   In order to ensure food safety and respond to social hotspots, Nanjing Xuanwu District Market Supervision Bureau has launched special testing activities for youth leagues and popular science experiments. Nine batches of youth groups from 7 brands were sampled in the market for testing, and they were commissioned by citizens to test 2 batches of wormwood powder and 1 batch of wheat grass powder purchased online. The results were not found to add edible synthetic pigment Brilliant Blue .

   Youth League Special Test Results List
Is it normal for the Youth League to be so”green”?image
  Online purchase of wormwood powder and wheat grass powder test results list
Is it normal for the Youth League to be so”green”?image(1)< br/>
  homemade youth league comparative experiment

   dark green, light green or process-related

   To further understand the effect of pigments on youth leagues, the Xuanwu District Market Supervision Bureau also carried out a self-made youth league comparison experiment and sent it to the laboratory for testing.

  1, special green≠pigment addition

   The 9 batches of commercial youth groups tested this time, compared with the self-made youth groups provided by the public, most of the colors are greener, and no food has been detected. The synthetic pigment is bright blue, so it can be inferred that the commercially available Qingtuan maintains a good green color, which should be largely related to its production process. For example, wormwood is soaked in edible alkali, quickly cooled after being boiled, etc., which can make the green group appear bright green. Therefore, it is not scientific to judge whether to add food synthetic colorings only by the shade of green.

  2. The green color presented by synthetic food pigments is unnatural

   The homemade Qingtuan experiment found that after using sufficient amount of wormwood, the Qingtuan can show a better green color, and then adding pigments, the effect of deepening the green is not obvious .

   If you don’t use enough wormwood and add some pigments, the green group is green, but the color is unnatural, and the green is blue.
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  3. By reheating

   Determine whether”natural green” is”not completely accurate

The    homemade Qingtuan experiment found that the production process of the Qingtuan has been steamed at a high temperature, even if it is a pure natural Qingtuan without added edible synthetic coloring, it should be cooled and reheated. Fading or lightening does not necessarily occur. Therefore, the method proposed on the Internet to determine the addition of pigments by whether there is fading after reheating is not completely accurate.
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  4. Scientific understanding of synthetic food coloring

   Brilliant Blue is a commonly used food coloring, often used as a coloring agent for cakes, candies, beverages and other foods. Although it cannot be used in the production of youth leagues, it is safe to use in limited quantities according to the type when it meets national standards. Consumers don’t need to worry too much.

   The above-mentioned youth league testing and experiment results, the Xuanwu District Food Safety Office has launched the”100 Food Safety Science Propaganda into the Community” activity on April 1st, 2021. The launch site was released, and a popular science lecture was carried out for community residents around the theme of”Scientific Understanding of Food Colors and Food Additives”.

  Then the point is here div>

   buy edible youth league

  What should I pay attention to?


   purchase through regular channels

   recommends that consumers buy from formal food business units. If you purchase a pre-packaged youth league, pay more attention to the product’s identification label to ensure that the production date, shelf life, manufacturer and other information are complete.


  Pay attention to the amount of consumption

   Qingtuan is made with glutinous rice, japonica rice and other raw materials, and the fillings are also made of high-sugar, high-oil and other raw materials. Over-eating is easy to digest, weak intestines and stomach, elderly children Waiting for people, should eat in moderation. Youth League is also a high-glycemic food. People with diabetes and high blood sugar should be more cautious.

   In order to effectively enhance citizens’ sense and satisfaction with food safety, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will strengthen urban linkages this year, and continue to carry out the”Ning City Supervision and Your Peer””Into the community to do practical activities, and promote the construction of a new pattern of food safety, joint construction, co-governance and sharing.