Interpretation|GB/T 10781.1-2021″Liquor Quality Requirements Part 1:Luzhou-flavor Liquor” National Standard
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   On March 11, 2021, the National Standardization Administration issued the”Announcement No. 3 of Chinese National Standards in 2021″, GB/T10781.1-2021″Liquor Quality Requirements Part 1:Luzhou-flavor Liquor National Standard was officially released. This standard replaces GB/T 10781.1-2006″Luzhou-flavor Liquor”. The implementation date is April 1, 2022. This revision is the third revision of this standard.

   liquor, especially low-alcohol liquor, after being stored for a period of time, under natural conditions, the total acid and total ester undergo a reversible equilibrium reaction. Esters are important flavor substances in liquor, and changes in the content of acid esters will affect the style of liquor. This revision focuses on solving the problem of scientific and objective expression of the acid ester balance of liquor products during storage.

  The main changes in the standard are as follows:
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  1. Main work process of standard revision

  2013-2015:Liquor Standards Committee and Luzhou-flavor Liquor Sub-Committee carried out a series of standard basic research work, including laboratory method comparison and verification , Sample collection and general survey, data statistical analysis and processing, etc., and complete the approval work.

  2016-2018:The National Standardization Management Committee twice publicly solicited public opinions on the”Luzhou-flavor Liquor” (draft for approval).

  2018-2020:The National Standards Committee organizes the clean-up of food quality standards, clarifies the relationship between national food safety standards and recommended national standards, with the goal of quality improvement , Clearly proposed the establishment of a food quality standard system corresponding to the national food safety standards.

   In order to effectively play the leading role of national standards and technology, in accordance with the principles of building a food quality standard system, and based on feedback from all parties, the Liquor Standards Committee and Luzhou-flavor Liquor The committee has organized relevant parties to discuss, modify and improve the standard for approval. In March 2021, the national standard of”Liquor Quality Requirements Part 1:Luzhou-flavor Liquor” was officially released.

   2. Main revised content

  1, standard name

   According to the specific requirements and conclusions of the recommended national standards for cleaning up and reviewing, all the standards for liquor series products are integrated, and this standard is clearly defined as a quality standard from the standard name. Therefore, the name of this standard was revised to”Liquor Quality Requirements Part 1 Luzhou-flavor Liquor”.

  ”Liquor Quality Requirements” is planned to be divided into the following parts:

  ——Part 1:Luzhou-flavor liquor;

  ——Part 2:Fresh-flavor liquor;

  ——Part 3:Rice-flavored liquor;

  ——Part 4:Maotai-flavor liquor;

  ——Part 5:Soy-flavor liquor;

  ——Part 6:Phoenix-flavor liquor;

  ——Part 7:Special flavor liquor;

  ——Part 8:Thick sauce and flavor liquor;

  ——Part 9:Sesame-flavored liquor;

  ——Part 10:Laobai dry-flavor liquor;

  ——Part 11:Liquor with rich flavor;


   At the same time, in order to enhance cultural confidence and accurately express the connotation of liquor, the English translation of liquor was revised to”baijiu” to facilitate international exchanges.

  2, introduction

   adds the introduction part to describe the objective law of the balance of acid esters in liquor during storage, which reflects the natural and essential attributes of the product and is conducive to accurate understanding and Use this standard.
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  3. Terms and definitions< /div>

   From the four aspects of raw materials, saccharification and starter, fermentation vessel, process characteristics, etc., systematically summarize the characteristics of liquor production technology. For traditional liquor including Luzhou-flavor liquor The definition of is improved and the content is enriched.

   As there is no clear research conclusion about the relationship between ethyl caproate and the style of Luzhou-flavor liquor, the definition of”Luzhou-flavor liquor” has been cancelled. The description of”Ethyl caproate as the main compound fragrance” is to guide product development correctly.
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  4, product category

   uses 40%vol as the boundary to divide the products into high alcohol and low alcohol, and at the same time solves the problem of blurring the boundary between high alcohol and low alcohol in the original standard.
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  5. Sensory requirements

   This revision clarifies from the definition that the production of Luzhou-flavor liquor is fermented in mud cellar, which should have a strong cellar aroma in terms of sensory characteristics, which fully reflects Luzhou-flavor liquor. The characteristics of the product are conducive to correctly guiding consumers to evaluate and appreciate the special flavor of Luzhou-flavor liquor.
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  6. Physical and chemical requirements

After a period of time after the delivery of    liquor products, the acid ester undergoes a reversible equilibrium reaction. In order to reflect this objective law, this standard is based on the product The requirements were made within 1 year (including 1 year) and 1 year after the production date. This is the first time that the national standard clearly expresses the dynamic vitality of traditional Chinese liquor in the form of physical and chemical indicators, and is converted to the original standard total acid and total ester. In comparison, the requirement for the total amount of acid esters is increased.
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  7. Removed food safety requirements

   In order to thoroughly clarify the relationship between food quality standards and food safety standards, and to scientifically and rationally build a national food quality standard system, the General Administration of Market Supervision has carried out a clean-up of the national food quality standards , Clarify that food quality standards no longer involve food safety indicators and requirements.

  The national food safety standard is a mandatory standard. The manufacturer shall implement and comply with the relevant food safety standards regardless of whether this standard is cited or not.

  8, logo

   At the stage of reporting for approval, according to the opinions of the regulatory authorities, it is added that pre-packaged products should be marked as”solid liquor”, which is beneficial to consumers, etc. Stakeholders correctly understand product information.

  Before the implementation of this standard (April 1, 2022), manufacturers can still implement the original standard (GB/T 10781.1-2006), during the transition period of standard implementation , The use plan of packaging materials should be reasonably arranged, and the connection between the new and old labels of the products should be successfully completed. After the formal implementation of this standard, products that adopt this standard as the executive standard should be marked as”solid-state liquor” in the label.

   The revision of the national standard of”Luzhou-flavor Liquor” lasted 5 years, and the problem of scientific expression of acid ester balance in liquor products was initially solved. The Liquor Standards Committee will follow The overall goal of building a food quality standard system in my country is to carry out in-depth research on key technologies for standardization of liquor quality expression from different dimensions such as brewing microecology, flavor skeleton components, and sensory evaluation, so as to further enrich and improve the standard content.

   Liquor Standards Committee and Luzhou-flavor Liquor Sub-Technical Committee will carry out the promotion and implementation of this standard in the industry in due course.