Innovation-driven technology leads Junlebao won the first prize of Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award
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   On April 13, the 2020 Hebei Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Shijiazhuang. Provincial Party Committee Secretary Wang Dongfeng, Provincial Governor Xu Qin, Provincial Political Consultative Conference Chairman Ye Dongsong and other leaders attended the meeting and awarded honors to the award-winning representatives. Junlebao Dairy Group’s”Infant Formula Milk Powder Safety Control Key Technology and Industrialization Project” won the”Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize”. Junlebao Dairy Group Chairman and President Wei Lihua attended the meeting and accepted the award. In recent years, Junlebao has won this award many times by virtue of its high-quality innovation achievements and iterative upgrades.
   Junlebao is committed to tackling key problems with key core technologies, leading the new era of high-quality development of dairy products.”Infant formula milk powder safety control key technology and industrialization project” centered on the safety control of the entire infant formula milk powder industry chain, and completed four innovations in raw milk green production and control technology, production key technology, intelligent manufacturing, and safety assurance system Breakthrough and develop 9 series and 27 infant formula milk powder products in accordance with market demand. Based on its scientific and technological advantages, Junlebao’s innovative background has become more vivid on the road to revitalizing China’s dairy industry.
   In order to produce world-class good milk powder, Junlebao has innovated two major production models:one is the whole industry chain model, that is, to realize the entire process of pasture planting, dairy cow breeding, production and processing, and self-control to ensure product safety and peace of mind; It is a”five world-class” model that uses world-class R&D, world-class advanced pastures, world-class leading factories, world-class suppliers and world-class food safety management systems to ensure high product quality.
   At the same time, facing the world’s cutting-edge technology and the upgrading of consumer demand, Junlebao continues to improve its innovative supply capabilities and scientific research capabilities. Established a national R&D platform, successively undertook 6 national R&D projects, obtained 81 R&D patents, 15 scientific research appraisal results above the provincial level, and more than 30 scientific and technological achievements transformation. Invest 250 million yuan to build Junlebao Dairy Technology Innovation Research Institute, and strive to achieve world-class industrial research and development.
   Based on strong R&D capabilities and technological advantages, Junlebao has continuously achieved strong breakthroughs in new categories in the field of infant milk powder:the world’s first self-owned ranch full industry chain to reach A2 milk milk powder, breaking the foreign brand’s A2 protein Monopoly of milk powder category; the new generation of formula organic milk powder Youcui organic milk powder is the industry’s first organic milk powder that is moderately hydrolyzed in the entire industry chain. It adds 14 kinds of nutrients such as small molecule protein and probiotics, and has a more comprehensive formula; and the first full-dimensional organic milk powder. 36 kinds of nutritious Xiaoxiao Luban interprets Weiai children’s formula milk powder and so on. Junlebao milk powder has always been based on China’s infant and young child nutrition needs to carry out key technical breakthroughs, and while achieving fruitful results, it has won the trust of consumers.
   Only innovators are strong. Through unremitting efforts, Junlebao Dairy Group’s sales growth rate has been leading the industry for many consecutive years. Junlebao milk powder leads the country in sales, with a growth rate ten times ahead of the industry, and the world’s first growth rate.
   Junlebao Dairy Group Chairman and President Wei Lihua said that Junlebao will continue to drive high-quality development with innovation, keep a close eye on the forefront, focus on the industry, and face the transformation, do a good job in dairy products, strengthen the industry, and make the brand better. The next generation of the motherland drink good milk powder, and contribute more to the revitalization of domestic milk powder and the revitalization of China’s dairy industry.