Information on the soft drink industry in March:new products such as sparkling water and tea are launched to seize the spring market. A number of companies are deploying production capacity construction
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  Food Partner Network News In March, the following information occurred in the soft drink industry:sparkling water, tea, juice and other new products were launched, and they began to seize the spring market; Pepsi, Nongfu Spring, Wanglaoji, Wahaha, etc. Two companies have deployed production and construction projects; Chengde Lulu and Juneyao Health have undergone personnel adjustments; Nestlé has carried out the purchase and sale of drinking water brands.
  Sparkling water, tea, juice and other new products are launched to seize the spring market
  In early spring March, new products such as sparkling water, tea drinks, fruit juices, etc. were launched, and they began to seize the spring market.
   Among them, Uni-President and Hankou Second Factory launched new sparkling water products. Unified first launched a new product of fermented juice sparkling water, A-Ha, which has two flavors of lemon and apple; Hankou No. 2 Plant cooperated with Huaxi Biological to promote the first functional hyaluronic acid sparkling water”Hashui”, the new product flavor is lemon geranium flavor.
   In addition, Yuanqi Forest, Pulse, Panpan Food, Laoshan Cola, etc. have joined the sugar control trend and launched new sugar-free or low-sugar products. The sugar-free tea brand”Rancha” of Yuanqi Forest has launched a sugar-free roasted oolong tea beverage. On March 1, Pulse launched a new product of 0-sugar and 0-fat vitamin beverage. The new product has two flavors:perfume lemon and white peach; Panpan Foods launched a new product, Panpan 0 Sugar Leopard Power Drink, featuring 0 sugar and 0 preservatives. , Plant energy; Laoshan Coke launched a new sugar-free version of Coke; unified launched a low-sugar version of green tea.
   Nongfu Spring, Wangwang, and White Elephant are aimed at the subdivision of tea. On March 5th, Nongfu Spring launched a new product of Wuyi Mountain Bubble Tea Mountain Spring Water, which is suitable for brewing oolong tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, black tea, etc. Oriental Leaf, a tea brand under Nongfu Spring, announced the launch of two new products, green orange Pu’er and Xuanmi tea. Want Want has launched a new product Lao Men’s Bitter Tea, which adds to the healthy herbal beverages. Baixiang launched a lychee-flavored fruit tea product, focusing on real tea, real fruit, and real taste. White Elephant also launched the Global Style Iced Black Tea, with four brand-new flavors of Passion Fruit, Kaman Orange, Sea Salt, and Mint.
  Snow Beer, Huiyuan, and Zero Fruit Shop focus on fruit juice drinks. On March 12, China Resources Snow Beer announced on its official microblog that it launched its first new carbonated juice drink”Small Beer”, which is also its first juice beverage product; Huiyuan’s Guoli Research Institute launched a new product γ-aminobutyric acid compound juice Beverages; Huiyuan launched 95°Black Push Peach Compound Fruit Juice Drink; Zero Degree Fruit Shop launched an NFC juice”Daily Fresh” with two products:orange juice and pineapple and apple juice; Cestbon launched two holiday series of juice drinks, Grape holiday and peach holiday.
  With the blooming of cherry blossoms, brands such as Yili, Pepsi, Luckin, and Nestlé launched new spring products with the theme of cherry blossoms. Yili Yogurt launched spring limited cherry blossom and green plum flavored milk beverage; Pepsi launched a new wild cherry flavored new product; Ruixing launched 6 cherry blossom special drinks; Nestle coffee ready-to-drink silky latte series launched in March with new flavors”Spring limited Sakura Souffle Latte”.
   In addition, Wahaha AD calcium milk added lactic acid bacteria AD calcium milk (sky blue); VOSS Fusi launched VOSS Fusi Hongyun natural mineral water; Shanhaiguan released two new soda products:orange juice soda and lychee honey Peach; Youyang Beverages launched the 1L large-package functional beverage”Nightline Energy”; on March 22, Huaxi Biotechnology launched the first hyaluronic acid drinking water product”Shuijiquan” and so on. The Bu Ti brand and Jiangzhong Group have launched the first vitamin hidden ice water in China. The new product comes in three flavors:lime, red and white peach.
  Multiple companies deploy production capacity construction
   In March, Pepsi, Nongfu Spring, Wanglaoji, Wahaha and many other companies deployed capacity construction.
   Among them, Pepsi and Nongfu Spring have beverage projects under construction. On March 27, the Pepsi beverage project (Yichang) with an annual output of 500,000 tons was started in Yichang High-tech Zone. On March 25, the construction of a natural drinking water production line with an annual output of 1.19 million tons of drinking natural water production line for Nongfushanquan Linjiang Changbaishan Drinking Water Co., Ltd. in Baishan Linjiang Mineral Drink Industrial Park started.
  In addition, the Wanglaoji beverage production line project in Luchuan County Industrial Park, Yulin City, Guangxi Province was completed and put into production, and the Wahaha sparkling water beverage production line project in Jinghe New District, Binzhou City was completed and put into production at the end of March according to the plan
   In addition, Tiandi No. 1 expanded production to build a fourth factory. On March 8, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province held the first quarter of 2021, a major project centralized construction (commissioning) event was successfully held. Among them, Tiandi No.1 plans to invest several billion yuan to build a fourth factory in Jiangmen.
  Chengde Lulu and June Yao health personnel adjustments appear
   In March, Chengde Lulu and June Yao health experienced personnel adjustments. On March 5, Chengde Lulu issued an announcement on the resignation of the company’s directors, announcing that the company had received a written resignation report from director Ding Xingxian on March 4, and had applied for resignation as a director of the company’s eighth board of directors due to personal reasons. After Ding Xingxian resigns, he will continue to serve as the company’s deputy general manager and head of finance. On March 22, Chengde Lulu issued another announcement regarding the resignation of the company’s chairman. The board of directors received a written resignation report from Chairman Liang Qichao on March 22, 2021. Liang Qichao ceased to serve as the chairman of the company’s eighth board of directors due to work needs, and ceased to be the legal representative of the company. The resignation report was delivered automatically Effective from the date of the board of directors. On March 25, Chengde Lulu issued an announcement announcing that the new chairman will be Shen Zhijun and the vice chairman will be Liang Qichao.
   JuneYao Health issued an announcement on March 15 stating that the board of directors of Hubei JuneYao Great Health Drinks Co., Ltd. recently received a letter of resignation from director Mr. Wang Junjin. Mr. Wang Junjin no longer holds any position in the company. In order to ensure the smooth development of the work of the company’s board of directors, the company’s board of directors intends to nominate Mr. Zhu Hangming (attached to his resume) as a candidate for non-independent director of the company’s fourth board of directors.
  Enterprise acquisition and sale
   In order to optimize the layout of its water business, Nestlé acquired and sold its drinking water brand. On March 5th, Nestlé USA announced that it has acquired Essentia Water, a high-end functional water brand headquartered in Bothell, Washington, to deploy the high-end water market. The amount of the acquisition has not been announced. In addition, Nestlé announced the sale of its North American drinking water brand to oneRock Capital Partners LLC, which has partnered with Metropoulos & Co., for US$4.3 billion (equivalent to RMB 28.213 billion).
  Also, Australia’s largest bottler, Coca-Cola Amatil, said that it is negotiating with Coca-Cola Partners Europe (CCEP) for the latter’s 9.8 billion Australian dollars (7.59 billion US dollars) takeover offer. This process is currently “still ongoing”Medium”, waiting for shareholders’ vote in April.