In the first quarter of 2021, Norwegian salmon sales to China doubled
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According to statistics from the Norwegian Fisheries Agency (NSC), Norway exported 7,429 tons of salmon to China in the first quarter of 2021, an increase of 95%year-on-year, and the export value was 429 million Norwegian kroner, a year-on-year increase of 43%(about 17,000 tons of salmon in 2020).

  The Norwegian Fisheries Agency stated that Chinese demand is gradually returning to normal, and competition between Norwegian salmon and other producing countries seems to have eased.
  Victoria Braathen, Director of Mainland China and Hong Kong, Norwegian Fisheries Agency, said:“Since last autumn, Norwegian salmon exports to China have recovered well, and the market continues to develop steadily after the Spring Festival. Although there is still a way to fully return to the pre-epidemic level. To go, but with the recovery of market conditions, consumers resume their daily catering and entertainment, so the sales of the catering industry have increased over the same period last year.”
  ”Most salmon products are consumed in the catering market. If consumers want to eat some delicious and healthy food, salmon is a very attractive choice. Because more and more companies are exploring opportunities in the Chinese market, I think This trend is likely to continue.” Braathen said.
   In March, Norway’s Leroy and COFCO Imported Foods (Shanghai Co., Ltd.) signed an exclusive agreement. COFCO became the exclusive agent of Leroy’s frozen salmon in the Chinese market.
  Braathen said that during the epidemic, Norwegian companies launched new products and established partnerships to effectively respond to changes in the market situation.”The new crown pandemic has created opportunities for home cooking. Consumers experience the whole process of online shopping, and there are more types of seafood to choose from. This may open up new opportunities for differentiated markets. As the global situation improves , We have the necessary tools to deal with the epidemic. We have reason to believe that Norwegian salmon and other seafood will continue to move forward.”
  Braathen also pointed out that China’s shrimp, crab and shellfish market has huge potential.”Since the whole year, the export of live Norwegian king crab to China has doubled, and the export of cold water shrimp has also shown an increasing trend.”
   In the first quarter of this year, exports of Norwegian cod and mackerel have declined. The export volume of cod was 7,140 tons, down 5%year-on-year, and the export value was NOK 212 million; the sales volume of mackerel was 11,131 tons (down 6%year-on-year), and the export value was NOK 168 million.
  ”Most of Norwegian cod and mackerel are processed in China for secondary processing and then exported to other countries.” Braathen said that Chinese consumers’ interest in these two types of fish is still increasing, as trade and logistics conditions With further normalization, the Norwegian Seafood Agency continues to be optimistic about the Chinese consumer market and said it will continue to carry out promotional activities.