Imported seafood picks up in the Chinese market
By: Date: 2021-04-13 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,
   News from SeafoodNews on April 6, with the recovery of China’s catering industry, the prospects for imported seafood are promising.

   According to Chinese customs statistics, China’s imports of Canadian Northern Shrimp will decrease by 5.7%during 2020 to 50,427 tons, and the number in 2019 will be 53,461 tons. During the Lunar New Year this year, China’s imports of northern shrimps showed a general downward trend, but in January, imports of northern Canadian shrimps increased by 24.2%to 2,671 tons, exceeding 2,150 tons in the same period last year.
  The Canadian Northern Shrimp plans to further expand its supply to the Asian market and achieve the goal of an annual export volume of more than 60,000 tons.
   Russian seafood exports to China have also recovered. In mid-March of this year, Russia shipped more than 50 tons of live snow crabs through Shanghai Port. During the same period, Russia’s Primorye Region exported 23,700 tons of fish products to China.
   With the new generation of consumers’ preference for healthy seafood, the Asian market still has great potential for development, but it will take time and effort to fully restore the market to its pre-epidemic level.