Huzhou Wuxing launches special sampling inspections for school food safety in spring
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   In order to further strengthen the food safety supervision of the canteens of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, effectively prevent and control the occurrence of food poisoning incidents, and ensure the food safety of teachers and students. Recently, the Wuxing District Bureau of Huzhou launched a special random inspection of school food safety.
   This sampling inspection mainly focuses on key varieties such as tableware, edible oil, fresh vegetables, eggs, etc., which are used in school canteens with high usage and high risk. 40 schools, nursery and kindergarten canteens, totaling more than 150 batches in 8 categories Times. At the same time, law enforcement officials focused on checking whether the raw materials and condiments of the school canteen are expired or deteriorated; whether the various equipment and facilities are clean and safe; whether the canteen is clean and tidy; whether the health certificate has expired; whether the ledgers such as requesting certificates and tickets are complete. And guide the improvement of the canteen safety management system, the health management of employees and other systems.
   In response to the results of this random inspection, the Wuxing District Bureau will promptly follow up and check the results, and investigate and deal with the units found to use unqualified food in accordance with laws and regulations. Through this random inspection and inspection, the food safety awareness of school and cafeteria staff has been further strengthened. In the next step, the Wuxing District Market Supervision Bureau will increase the intensity of random inspections, expand the scope of random inspections, and urge the school canteens to strictly implement various rules and regulations to ensure food safety.