Husband and wife selling”Hamer” sugar online face jail time plus one million compensation
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   On the morning of March 31, the People’s Procuratorate of Jianggan District, Hangzhou sent its officers to appear in court on the case of the defendants Wang Mou and Liu Mou selling poisonous and harmful food and criminal incidental civil public interest litigation.
  Indictment allegations:
   In mid-to-late November 2019, the defendants Wang and Liu knew that”Hamer” sugar is harmful to the human body. They still sold them through online shopping platforms and WeChat Moments. As of the case, the total sales amounted to RMB 111,470.
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   Since 2019, a product called”Hamer” sugar has quietly emerged on the Internet. Merchants claim that this product is the official authentic product of Malaysia. The main ingredient is commonly known as desert ginseng. It has been praised by the medical community as”not old for hundreds of years.” The”medicine” Cynomorium does not contain any western medicine ingredients, which can strengthen physical fitness, clear blood vessels, improve sleep, increase appetite, and increase libido.
   Wang and Liu saw that this product is very popular in the circle of friends, and the profit is good. Then the online shop that originally operated clothing was changed to a specialty health food, and the main product is”Hamer” sugar, but they did not expect business. They were so popular that they registered a new store on the online shopping platform, and both proceeded to further expand sales.
   Since this product is all marked in English without any Chinese label, the source of the goods does not know the real identity, and changed and changed. The husband and wife are not sure whether the”Hamer” candy is imported from Malaysia.
   In order to dispel the doubts of customers, the two of them made a”warm reminder” on the product introduction page:the products sold in this store are overseas purchasing products, and some products are guaranteed to be authentic and some products do not have any Chinese labels and Chinese descriptions.
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   After selling for a period of time, some buyers reported blushing, dizziness, and body aches after taking”Hamer” candy. The two also received a complaint from a court in Shenzhen. The content was due to the inside of the store. Another”Hamer” series product contains toxic and harmful ingredients and requires compensation.
   Liu immediately searched the Internet and found that his colleagues had been arrested by the police for selling”Hamer” sugar containing harmful substances. After summing up the situation, the husband and wife decided to adjust their sales strategy. The products were taken off the shelves during the day and on the shelves at night, and then controlled the maximum purchase quantity, and tried to avoid investigations by the platform and related departments.
   As the wind gets tighter, in February 2020, Wang and Liu gradually gave up selling”Hamer” sugar and other health foods in online stores, and only continued to maintain a small number of regular customers in WeChat Moments. The continued sales of”Hamer” sugar has attracted the attention of relevant departments to this product. After a follow-up investigation by the public security organs, in July 2020, Wang and Liu were arrested for the crime of selling toxic and harmful food.
   It has been identified that the so-called “Hamer” sugar, which is known as pure natural and no western medicine ingredient, contains the western medicine ingredient tadalafil, which is banned by the state from the health food. Consumers, without knowing it, overdose, and Combination of other antihypertensive drugs or taking it in the presence of cardiovascular disease may pose risks to human health. The symptoms of dizziness and blushing reported by some consumers are adverse reactions after taking tadalafil.
   From knowing that”Hamer” sugar contains harmful substances to February 2020, in just three months, the couple sold”Hamer” sugar for a total of more than 110,000 yuan.
   The actions of Wang and Liu not only violated the criminal law, but also violated the legitimate rights and interests of many consumers and endangered food safety. When the People’s Procuratorate of Jianggan District filed a public prosecution, it also filed a criminal incidental civil public interest lawsuit and petitioned the court to order:Wang and Liu paid ten times the price of the food they sold, a total of RMB 1,114,700, and asked them to publicly apologize on national media or platforms, and send consumers”Hamer” sugar products containing Warning for the prohibited ingredient tadalafil.
   Prosecutor reminds:
  Food business operators should adhere to the bottom line of integrity, put product quality in the first place, and refrain from greed for profit.
   When consumers buy foods with health-care functions, especially overseas products, they must go through formal channels and choose imported products with Chinese labels and descriptions. Do not be overly credulous in publicity, otherwise health care will not be harmful body.