Hunan issues key work arrangements for food safety in 2021
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   A few days ago, the Food Safety Commission of Hunan Province issued the”Hunan Province Food Safety Priority Work Arrangements in 2021″, clarifying that this year’s food safety work in the province will adhere to Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance, closely linked to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council. In accordance with the tasks and objectives set by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, adhere to the”four strictest” requirements, and accelerate the establishment of a five-in-one governance system with the same responsibility of the party and government, the responsibility of business owners, departmental supervision, industry supervisors, and social governance. The ability to supervise the whole process of the dining table enhances the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security. Focus on promoting six aspects of work:

   First, continue to thoroughly implement the”Opinions on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work” by the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the implementation opinions of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government
   Vigorously promote the construction of the”4812″ food safety and security project, and organize the implementation of the”Twelve Major Tackling Actions.” Clarify the responsible department for the management of food vendors. Strengthen the comprehensive coordination of food safety in towns (sub-districts), the capacity building of village (community) food safety information officers (coordinators), and the guidance and spot checks on the performance of their duties. Strengthen the sharing of food safety information and data, and regularly carry out risk exchanges and consultations and judgments.
  The second is to strictly manage imported cold chain food
   Coordinate and do a good job in joint prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and food safety, supervise and guide food producers and operators to implement the”three specialties, three certificates, and four nos” requirements for imported cold chain foods, and dynamic monitoring and evaluation to study and judge imported cold chain foods to transmit viruses For those who are in direct contact with imported cold-chain food, nucleic acid testing will be carried out every week, and vaccination will be given priority according to the plan.
   The third is to strengthen the control of heavy metal pollution in food
   Continue to promote the investigation and remediation of enterprises in key industries involving cadmium and other heavy metals around cultivated land, implement planting structure adjustments or return farmland to forests and grasslands on strictly controlled cultivated land, and withdraw from rice and other ration planting. Strictly control the quality and safety of grain collection and storage, include cadmium as a mandatory inspection item for grain collection and storage, strictly implement regulations such as “inspection before receipt, storage in separate warehouses, and classified disposal”, and increase circulation in the market Sampling inspection of rice and rice products is strictly prohibited, and grains that do not meet food safety standards are strictly prohibited from entering the grain market.
  Fourth is to strengthen supervision and law enforcement in key areas
  Implement the main responsibility for food safety, and urge enterprises to establish a self-inspection report and self-commitment system. In-depth promotion of special clean-up and rectification actions in the health food industry, focusing on rectification of fraud and false propaganda, and severely cracking down on illegal activities such as the sale of ordinary foods as special foods, and the mixed sales of ordinary foods and special foods. Implementation of food production quality and safety improvement actions such as meat products and dairy products, campus food safety”protecting seedlings” actions, catering quality and safety improvement actions, and special rectification actions on counterfeit and inferior food in rural areas. Strengthen online food safety supervision. To implement the management industry must manage safety. Carry out the”Kunlun 2021″ operation to strictly crack down on illegal food crimes and smuggling of cold chain food from unknown sources in accordance with the law.
  Fifth is to strengthen the building of food safety governance capabilities
   The coverage rate of”Ming Kitchen and Bright Stove” in school canteens has reached more than 98%; accelerate the promotion of agricultural product quality and safety traceability and the construction of”ID card” management system. Include seriously illegal and untrustworthy enterprises into the credit information sharing platform and enterprise credit information publicity system. In terms of the number of permanent residents, the province’s market supervision and agricultural and rural departments sampling inspections shall not be less than 3 batches/1,000 persons and 1.5 batches/1,000 persons respectively; the sampling inspections by the health, food and material reserve departments shall be no less than 17,200 Batches, 13,300 batches. The province has completed 1,000 batches of forest product (including soil) quality monitoring and food-related product supervision and sampling. Strengthen the training of food safety management personnel, practitioners and supervisors. Strengthen standard interpretation, publicity and implementation and training. Include food safety in the provincial key science and technology plan support. Implement the food and medicine innovation project. Promote the construction of a circulation supply chain system for urban and rural food and edible agricultural products. Build a safe and efficient comprehensive utilization system of kitchen waste resources. Strengthen the safety management of drinking water for urban and rural residents.
   Six is ​​to build a shared governance and sharing pattern
   Implement the”Shuang’an and Double Creation” demonstration and lead action. Organize”World Food Safety Day” and Food Safety Promotion Week activities. Do a good job in handling food safety complaints and reports. The province has deployed and initiated the promotion of poisoning prevention and control by eating wild mushrooms, and the awareness rate of prevention and control knowledge of rural residents reached 80%at the end of the year. Carry out food safety publicity and education activities such as entering the countryside, entering campuses, entering enterprises, entering communities, entering party schools, and importing ports. Incorporate food safety law popularization into the”Eighth Five-Year” law popularization plan.