Huangshan Yixian Market Supervision Bureau makes every effort to prevent wild mushroom poisoning
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   is currently in the period of vigorous growth of wild mushrooms. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of edible wild mushroom poisoning, and to protect the lives and health of the general public and tourists, Huangshan Yixian Market Supervision Bureau has taken various measures to prevent wild mushroom poisoning. .
   Strengthen the grid management and joint logistics linkage. Give full play to the overall coordination role of the county food safety office, and the eight townships and county departments will simultaneously do a good job in the prevention of wild mushroom poisoning propaganda work, and use the characteristics of”large numbers, clear conditions, and familiar hometown” of grassroots grid personnel to carry out crime prevention activities in an all-round way. Mushroom poisoning propaganda work.
   Strengthen the prevention and control of weak links. Pay close attention to wild mushroom poisoning-prone areas such as mountainous villages and high-speed railway construction sites, and continue to increase publicity to raise the awareness of prevention of rural residents and high-speed railway construction workers. Interviewed 6 high-speed railway construction site leaders and cafeteria leaders, set up more than 10 warning signs in mountainous rural areas, issued more than 2,000 letters, and used the village affairs public column to promote”poisonous mushroom” science information and emergency treatment knowledge, Effectively enhance the awareness of prevention among rural people.
   Strengthen the prevention and control of key groups. Sketch students, school students, left-behind children in rural areas, empty-nest elderly, and villagers in mountain villages with eating habits as key groups for prevention and control. Carry out food safety activities to enter campuses and scenic spots. Through open class classes, exhibition boards, blackboard newspapers, hanging banners, PPT and other intuitive and easy-to-understand forms, the knowledge of food safety and wild mushroom poisoning prevention and control is sent to primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and other Great scenic spot. Broaden the online and offline publicity channels, actively connect with the county financial media center, and include the prevention of wild mushroom poisoning into the public service advertisement library, which will be broadcast on TV stations at multiple times. At the same time, all township governments, member units of the Food Safety Commission, schools, scenic spots, and merchants along the street use electronic display screens to scroll and broadcast publicity slogans to prevent wild mushroom poisoning to create a publicity atmosphere.