Hohhot City Market Supervision Bureau held a campus food safety protection action promotion meeting
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   On the morning of April 9, the Hohhot City Market Supervision Bureau held a campus food safety guarding action promotion meeting to further promote the modernization of the campus food safety governance system and governance capabilities, and effectively ensure the food safety of teachers and students. The meeting was presided over by the investigator Fang Zhanyuan from the Hohhot City Market Supervision Bureau. Director Su Yunxi attended the meeting. Wang Hongwei, Director of the Catering Department of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau and Chen Delong, the Deputy Director of the Hohhot Market Supervision Bureau, made arrangements for relevant work. At the same time, the Municipal Education Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Personnel from the Health Commission, Urban Management Bureau, and relevant departments of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau attended the meeting.
   At the meeting, each member unit separately reported and exchanged the progress of the Hohhot campus food safety protection action, and reached an agreement on further strengthening departmental cooperation, smoothing information communication and sharing channels, and building a collaborative and co-governance mechanism.
  According to the current situation of work development, Deputy Director Chen Delong put forward:First, we must establish a departmental cooperation linkage mechanism, strengthen communication and coordination between municipalities, municipalities and territories, and establish regular consultations and joint law enforcement mechanisms. , Adopt the method of communicating at any time and meeting regularly to further strengthen communication and information sharing, and improve the ability to negotiate and solve difficult problems. The second is to establish a task list ledger, based on the content and completion of the plan, establish a list ledger, and adopt a half-yearly clearing and annual clearing method to follow up the task progress to ensure the smooth and high-standard completion of each task on time; the third is to carry out extensive publicity , All member units must effectively use the official media, We-media, WeChat public account and other publicity media to actively publicize the work progress, highlights and achievements of the campus food safety protection action, and create a good atmosphere of public opinion; the fourth is to strive for policy support. Actively report the work situation and problems encountered to the higher-level government, and strive to obtain effective support in terms of financial security, facilities and equipment.
   At the end of the meeting, Wang Hongwei, Director of the Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region, affirmed the progress of the Hohhot campus food safety protection action, and pointed out that campus food safety is the top priority in food safety work, and all member units must attach great importance to it and be strict Implementation, and at the same time, further strengthen the promotion and training of food laws and regulations, and effectively improve the sense of responsibility of campus food management personnel and practitioners, and the self-protection ability of teachers and students; comprehensively promote the”Internet + Bright Kitchen and Bright Stove””Inner Mongolia Risk Prevention and Control Platform” ”And other smart supervision modes and applications to achieve visual and controllable. All departments should cooperate closely, strengthen the supervision of campus canteens, pay attention to disease prevention and control, further improve the emergency response mechanism, strengthen joint law enforcement, and jointly build the campus food safety line of defense.