“High-quality and multi-resistant processing pepper breeding technology innovation and new variety selection” by the Vegetable Institute of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed the result evaluation
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   On April 11, the Hunan Agricultural Society organized Academician Yin Yulong of the Institute of Subtropical Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the team leader, Professor Ye Zhibiao from Huazhong Agricultural University as the deputy team leader, Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, South China Agricultural University, Hunan Academy of Forestry, Experts from Hunan Jinjian Seed Industry and other units evaluated the results of the”High-quality and Multi-resistant Processing Pepper Breeding Technology Innovation and New Variety Breeding” project jointly completed by the Vegetable Institute of our institute, Hunan Agricultural University, and Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co., Ltd. Researcher Bai Lianyang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy, and Academician Zou School of Hunan Agricultural University participated in the results evaluation meeting.
  The expert team listened to the report of the project host, researcher Ma Yanqing, and questioned the project completion team and put forward valuable suggestions. In the end, it was agreed that this achievement aimed at the shortage of high-quality, high-yield and multi-resistant pepper varieties and low breeding efficiency, and systematically carried out pepper breeding technology innovation, specific germplasm creation and variety selection, especially the re-sequencing of more than 400 core germplasm. And the analysis of the spatio-temporal transcriptome of pepper development, the establishment of the largest and most comprehensive database of pepper transcriptome and pan-genome in the world; the creation of an open general anther culture system for pepper, which improves the cultivation efficiency and speeds up the breeding of pepper hybrid parents .
   This achievement has created a batch of excellent new pepper materials, cultivated a series of new varieties with high quality, multi-resistance and excellent processing characteristics, and popularized them on a large scale. The economic and social benefits are significant, and the overall results have reached the international leading level.