Heilongjiang Institute of”Brown Trout Triploid Species” has made phased progress
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  Brown trout (Salmo trutta), which is only distributed in the Yadong region of Tibet, is also called Yadong salmon. The fish is bright and beautiful, so it is locally called”flower spot fish”. Brown trout is a species with important economic potential among salmonids. Because of its delicious meat and no intermuscular spines, it is very popular among local people. At the same time, Yadong salmon is a second-class protected animal in the Tibet Autonomous Region and has important ecological value. The salmon trout genetic breeding innovation team of the Heilongjiang Fisheries Research Institute began in 2012, using brown trout strains introduced from Japan to carry out population selection and breeding. Through years of technical research, a brown trout conservation and breeding group has been established, and a series of key technologies such as larval hatching, seed domestication and adult fish breeding have been mastered, and it has the capacity for large-scale seed production.
  In response to the market’s demand for triploid brown trout seed, in March 2021, team members based on the polyploid preparation experience and through precise experimental design, initially carried out the parameter screening of the triploid brown trout species. Through the detection of the doubling rate of each experimental group, a result of 50%tripling rate was obtained, indicating that the brown trout tripling system has achieved phased success. In the next step, the brown trout triploid refinement and standardized operating procedures will be carried out by optimizing the seed production parameters, in order to improve the preparation effect and provide new breeding objects for the salmon and trout market.